It’s every entrepreneur’s dream to build a business that is successful and reputable. Building a business takes long hours in the early stages and earning a reputation many more. However, one mistake can damage your reputation immeasurably and it isn’t usually you that makes it.  Commonly staff members that don’t share your ethics are at the root of disastrous feedback. Whether they are rude to your customers, sell your data or are incompetent, it all helps to destroy the reputation you have worked so hard to gain.  Here is our advice on how to retain your business reputation with polygraph services.

Recruitment and employment

In the early days of a business most entrepreneurs do everything themselves.  When the business grows it’s sometimes difficult to delegate.  You need to let go of some of the tasks even if you think only you can do them properly.  If you don’t, you’ll experience burn out.

Recruiting the right people, who share your ethics and enthusiasm, can be a challenge.  This is more especially true when so many candidates apply for one job. Applicants know they are up against tough competition and some will have few scruples in “enhancing” their CVs, exaggerating their experience or lying about their qualifications.

It’s not enough in today’s world to check references, CVs, qualifications and criminal records.  There is booming trade in fake degrees with fake online universities “verifying” them.  This means that you could easily employ someone who doesn’t have the requisite qualifications for the position they hold.  In some cases this could mean you are breaking the law particularly in the security, medical and care industries. One mistake in these fields and you could lose all your business and worse, be sued or prosecuted.

Even those who are properly qualified may be hiding things from you.  For example, if they have a gambling, alcohol or drug addiction they won’t include it in their CV.  Those with out of control addictions usually end up in debt.  When they can’t finance their habits they steal perhaps to fund them or more often to pay off loan sharks.  If they are in a position of trust within your organisation it can be easy for them to steal from you.

How polygraph services help

Lie detector tests as part of the pre-employment screening process help in several ways including finding out:

  • Whether they have the qualifications and experience stated on their CV
  • If they have any addictions
  • If they are in debt
  • Whether they have hidden information about criminal activities

During the test it will become evident whether the candidate is honest, loyal, reliable and trustworthy.

Polygraph services implemented at the beginning of the recruitment process lead you to investigate more thoroughly.  If you have decided to use an agency for recruitment find out if they use polygraph services.  If not, find one that does.

In this way you can be assured that the people you employ are the best they can be and they’ll be open to learning how to retain your business reputation.  They will maintain your standards in the way you want them to be met.

A lie detector test takes around 2 hours and at the end of it you will have a fully analysed report that is far more valuable than a CV.

More information about how to retain your business reputation

If you would like to learn more about polygraph services and their role in recruitment please contact us.  We will be happy to meet with you to discuss lie detector tests for pre-employment screening and periodic polygraph examinations for existing employees. Are they worth it you might ask? How much do you value your business reputation