How Lie Detector Tests for Credit Card Fraud save Time

Oct 15, 2022 | Commercial Lie Detector Test, Private Lie Detector Test

When credit card fraud occurs, the process of proving it has gets longer.  Lie detector tests for credit card fraud would significantly reduce the time banks spend investigating it.

Credit cards – useful but sometimes embarrassing

They are those little bits of plastic which save you from being penniless till payday. Unfortunately, these cards present a magnet for fraudsters, both for the people who own them and those who steal them.

Then there’s that dreaded moment you go to pay for something and find your credit card is declined at the checkout and you don’t know why. You’re sure you paid last month’s bill on time. You know the money is there and tell the checkout to try again. After a further decline you sheepishly leave the shop, head down looking at the floor to make inquiries with your credit card company.

Questions, questions and more questions

It transpires your card has been cloned and you’re swiftly passed through to the credit card company’s fraud team. They ask you a series of questions about when you last used the card, with which retailer and the exact amount paid. You’re instructed to call the police, report this and obtain a crime reference number. After a series of questions, the same ones you’ve just answered with the bank, the reference number is obtained. Then you’re back on the phone again to the fraud team at the bank, answering the same questions they asked you some 30 minutes before. This is where lie detector tests for credit card fraud can help.

You’re told the money will be placed back onto the card after you’ve signed a declaration which they send you in the post. Yes, snail mail but this is understandable from the company’s perspective. You wait patiently for this form to arrive and have a few calls from the bank in between, asking you the same series of questions. At this point, you’re being asked these questions to see if your story changes. If it does then you’re lumbered with the cost of someone else’s purchases on your card.

Lie detector tests for credit card fraud reduce investigation time

Lie detector tests for credit card fraud would avoid the elongated process and the stress! One call to a polygraph services provider and the test carried out would allow you to send the results to anyone that needed them. This would go a long way to stop you feeling like you’re not being believed and also endless hours on the phone between banks and police.

The cost in time and money to both you and the credit card company is immense.  Cutting this down to one polygraph test, either by the police or initiated by you or the company could avoid additional costs and the stress in an already fragile, worrying and sometimes devastating situation. The agents from the bank don’t understand how you’re feeling; they’re just doing their job. They are specifically trained to try and weed out the people who aren’t being truthful. In today’s world, it’s sad to say everyone is suspicious of everyone else and not all of us are honest. A polygraph test could help to change that.

Can credit card companies really afford all those additional costs for man hours and postage when a simple test could resolve all within a few hours?

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