Lie detector tests are used in private investigations for a wide variety of purposes.  During the test the polygraph examiner will measure physiological response to questions asked of the subject. It is these responses that will ultimately reveal whether a person is being dishonest or not.

Stealing from family and friends

When family members or friends steal from you the sense of betrayal is soul destroying. Allegations made without action can ruin relationships permanently.  Polygraph examinations are a great help in exonerating those who have been accused and revealing who is really guilty.

Historical sexual abuse cases

There are many reasons why people don’t report historical sexual abuse and one of them is that the survivor thinks no one will believe them.  This is particularly true when it is a member of the family or close friend who is the perpetrator.  A lie detector test carried out privately is a step to clear the air with those who don’t believe you. And it also provides another the reason for you to report the abuse to the police. Sexual abuse is predatory behaviour which needs to be stopped.


Jealousy takes many forms and of them is to think your partner is cheating on you.  A jealous person may be right but in many cases is wrong. Rather than annihilate a relationship by constantly accusing the love of your life of cheating, why not settle the matter by getting them to take a lie detector test?  You can then move on either together or apart.

Employment polygraph examinations

Many recruitment agencies and employers use polygraph examinations as standard during the pre-employment process. They help by not only establishing the credentials of a candidate but also by revealing aspects of the applicant’s character. Together with other checks the polygraph gives a complete picture of candidates rather than just a part.

Theft in the workplace is an employer’s worst nightmare.  By introducing lie detector tests randomly and making them a condition of the employment contract, employers can dramatically reduce stealing.

Lie detector tests are used in private investigations by private individuals as well as corporations, recruitment agencies and private detectives. They not only uncover the truth but also prevent certain things from happening such as theft.

Contacting Lie Detector Test UK

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