Homophobic Parents shamed by Results of Newcastle Lie Detector Test

Feb 20, 2020 | Case Study, Newcastle, Sex Abuse

This case involved historical sexual abuse and false allegations, made by homophobic parents who appeared to be in denial.  Rather than help their son, they made his situation worse.

Wayne and Barry’s Case

Barry had been living with a terrible secret for over 20 years and had struggled to maintain a lasting relationship because of it. When he met Wayne he was happy and eventually trusted him enough to reveal it to him.

It hadn’t been an off the cuff confession but due to Ken, Barry’s PE teacher when he was at school, being in the paper for abusing young boys in his care.  Barry had been abused by Ken and it had lasted more than 5 years. At first, he thought the touching in the showers was normal but when it progressed to more serious abuse, he knew it was wrong. Struggling with his sexuality at that age, Barry couldn’t tell anyone.

Drama Queen

Barry was ashamed he’d allowed it to happen and as he had been quite feminine growing up, thought it was his own fault. Wayne was devastated for him and said he needed to report the abuse to the police. He was nervous but Wayne accompanied him to the police station.

Barry told his parents about his sexuality when he was 18 but they hadn’t taken the news very well. The relationship between them had struggled ever since.

After making his statement to the police they stopped off at Barry’s parents to let them know before anyone else might tell them. Shockingly, they accused Barry of being a drama queen and jumping on the bandwagon. Ken was a friend of the family and an upstanding member of the community. How dare these boys, and now their son, accuse him of such things?

Day in court

Barry had his day in court and following the conviction, was awarded a sum of money in compensation for his distress. This just gave his parents more ammunition to accuse him of lying. They’d started to spread rumours around the family that Barry had said he was abused for financial gain. It disgusted Wayne that his life partner didn’t have the support of his family. The court had found Ken guilty on 15 counts of historical sex abuse. Why didn’t they believe the blatant truth? Wayne’s parents were sympathetic and supported Barry more than his own mother and father. It wasn’t right.

Homophobic parents

Wayne contacted us and organised a Newcastle lie detector test for Barry. The relationship between Barry and his family was fragile but he needed to prove that their son was telling the truth. They’d never accepted his sexuality and as far as Wayne was concerned they were nasty, homophobic parents. He couldn’t sit back and watch everything they’d built together come apart because of their lies.

Barry didn’t want to keep the appointment with the Newcastle polygraph examiner. He didn’t want to relive any of the pain he’d been through over the last few years. The court case had lasted for what seemed like an age. He thought the verdict would prove to his parents he was telling the truth. How wrong he had been.

Newcastle lie detector test

Wayne convinced Barry to keep the appointment. Our examiner spent a long time on the pre-test interview and in a completely relaxed state Barry opened up to him.  For the first time in his life he felt at ease letting go of a secret that had weighed heavily on his mind.  He’d told Wayne the bare minimum but let it all go with our examiner.

The results of the polygraph test proved he was telling the truth and he had been abused. Dropping them through his homophobic parents’ letterbox, Barry felt relief.

Wayne wanted a sense of closure on the matter and it had worked. Barry’s mother and father never contacted them about the Newcastle lie detector test results. But they did share the polygraph report with the family. Wayne isn’t sure whether they are too ashamed to contact their son after all of the things they said about him. Or maybe they really are the homophobic parents he believes them to be.

North East Polygraph Service

Lie Detector Test UK has secure, controlled offices in most major towns and cities throughout the North East.  As a nationwide service there is always a polygraph examiner available to help anyone who seeks to repair their reputation in circumstances such as Barry’s. Historical sexual abuse stays with the survivor for life and they are often not believed.

Our specialist polygraph examiners have years of experience in dealing with sensitive issues. You can be certain your secret is safe with us.  Please call our free helpline on 0800 861 1058 if you’d like a confidential chat.

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