History of false confession day

There was a day when someone decided that they needed to confess something. They wanted to unburden their hearts and set the truth free. That wasn’t this false confession day. Therefore, this holiday is made for the practical jokers, the pranksters amongst us as it were. Maybe it is for those who want to know what their friends and co-workers think of them. Perhaps it’s a day for those who face the world with everyone knowing what to expect of them. They want to change things and surprise people. Whatever the reason, False Confession Day is a chance to tell a little story that’s false and call it a confession.

False Confessions have many purposes, but most of the time their primary goal is to shock and bewilder those you confess to. You can use it to find the truth in what others think of you by telling them something about yourself that, whilst false, may be easily believed. Their reaction will show you everything you need to know about what they believe. For instance, maybe you want to liven up a stranger’s day by confessing something shocking to them. You want to leave them thinking about it for the rest of their day.

How to celebrate the holiday

False Confession Day is best celebrated by reflecting on exactly what you’d like to confess, falsely, to someone else. For example, this day is a great opportunity to spread shock and laughter. More importantly, it can be a used to reveal the real workings of your mind. Why not take the time to start making confessions to yourself, write them down on a piece of paper or even say them out loud to yourself. Meanwhile, every confession you make could lead you to a real confession that you wish to make to the world. In conclusion, take the day seriously or have a great amount of fun with it, it’s up to you!

Tired of somebody always treating you like it is false confession day?

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