Historical sexual abuse lie detector tests provide a starting point for survivors in gathering evidence to support their claims.

When you want to find evidence for historical sexual abuse you are fighting a losing battle against time. With today’s modern technology there is always a trail to follow from a device or process. However, the first step is to ensure that your testimony is believed.

A new way to be believed

Polygraph tests provide a new option for survivors, a different way to deal with the aftermath of years of not being believed. Lie detector tests offer a fresh way to be heard when you have suffered the silence that accompanies historical sexual abuse.

When no-one has believed you for a long time, the pain runs deep. You had the guts to speak up at the time or many moons later, thinking that justice would be found. But there was not enough evidence or worse, the accusation was that you were lying. You wanted someone to believe you then, and you still do now.

The NSPCC defines historical sexual abuse as ‘an allegation of neglect, physical, sexual or emotional abuse made by or on behalf of someone who is now 18 years or over, relating to an incident which took place when the alleged victim was under 18 years old’. 1

You were so young then that it was simpler to try not to think about it. If no-one ever mentioned it again, it could be pushed to the back of the memories of anyone involved. The reliance on your word against theirs was too messy to pursue. Or the words of a lone child in those days were not weighty enough to warrant any action.

Feelings of isolation and guilt

Instead you blamed yourself, internalising every aspect of the abuse. It was you. That’s what you told yourself. You thought it hadn’t happened to anyone else. But it had in truly astounding numbers.

The Guardian newspaper reports that, according to The Office for National Statistics, ‘one in 14 adults were sexually abused as children’.

In the wake of so many high-profile cases of historical sexual abuse in recent years, many victims are finding the courage to give voice to their past once again. Not for revenge or a particular level of punishment, but simply to be believed this time. To be heard.

One way to achieve this is through the use of a specialised sexual abuse lie detector test. Keeping things bottled up takes its toll. You know that you need to talk about what happened. To give voice to the pain that is buried so deeply.  And to be able to move forwards.

Historical sexual abuse lie detector tests

Providing you with an opportunity to be taken seriously, the test will show that what you said all those years ago was true. And what’s more you will have a report to prove it which will form part of your evidence. It represents your data – lots of it, for you to read over and over. It’s a tangible report for that innocent little child inside you, who was so terribly let down; the child who was not believed.

When you book a historical sexual abuse lie detector test you will have an opportunity to speak about your abuse in a neutral environment free of judgement.

With the polygraph test conducted by a highly trained, historical sexual abuse examiner you know that you are in the hands of an expert who specialises in cases like yours.

You will be able to create the questions for the test in the privacy of your own home – a unique opportunity to give voice to the feelings that have lain buried deep. Before the test there will be the opportunity to review the questions with the examiner.

After the test you will receive lots of data as part of the results package. In some cases you can get the results straight after the test, for others it is within a couple of days.

Finding peace at last

Although a lie detector test does not compensate for anything that you have been through, it does provide a way to give voice to your experiences without interruption or judgement. The test provides a way to begin to exhale and find peace and a chance to be heard properly for the first time.

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