Historical Sexual Abuse confirmed by Lie Detector Test in Brighton

Our client endured years of sexual abuse and told no one because he felt he wouldn’t be believed. 10 years after it ended, he finally came to us for help and took a lie detector test in Brighton.

Samuel’s Case

Sent away to boarding school at a young age, Samuel was distraught to leave his mother but his father insisted that he went.

From the first day, Samuel was bullied. He was a small boy for his age and almost everyone picked on him. He learned to cope by studying hard and keeping out of the way of other boys as much as possible.

After he’d been there for 3 months he was called into the principal’s office and told that he needed to do better. His grades left a lot to be desired, the principal said. If he didn’t knuckle down his parents would be informed. He wasn’t fitting in and all boys in the school were expected to. Samuel was terrified that his father would find out how badly he was doing. The stress of constant derision and bullying from the older boys was affecting his ability to concentrate but he didn’t feel able to share that information. He told the principal he would try harder.

Detention leads to sexual assault

Another 3 months passed and Samuel’s work was poor. Again he was called in to see the principal but this time his Maths tutor was there too.  There followed 20 minutes of criticism and Samuel was told that he would spend 2 hours each day in detention, where he would be supervised by his Maths tutor, until his work improved.

The first detention would be something he would retain in his memory for the rest of his life.  His tutor told him that the first thing he must do was clean up the stock room.  Samuel had no idea how this would improve is maths but did as he was asked. The stock room was a mess with nothing in order.  He began tidying up when his tutor came into the room, shut and locked the door behind him.

The sexual assault that followed was agonising and humiliating. When it was over he was told to keep his mouth shut. He was already seen as a loner and shirker and no one would believe him if he told anyone.

Every day for 3 months he endured these assaults. His maths improved despite him not doing the work because his tutor marked it up.

Home for the holidays

Samuel went home for the summer holidays.  His mother was distressed because he had lost weight and looked ill.  He longed to tell her what was happening to him but was too afraid that he wouldn’t be believed.

His parents were happy with his progress in maths but most other subjects needed improvement, according to his reports. He begged them to let him go to a state school but they wouldn’t hear of it.

Back at school

After driving him back to school his parents had a meeting with him and the principal to discuss his progress.  They expressed concern that most of his work was marked relatively low in comparison to maths.  The principal said he would look into it and make sure that Samuel worked harder.

Over the years his work did improve but not because he achieved anything. He was passed from one tutor to another and sexually abused throughout his education.

Lie detector test in Brighton

Samuel called us to discuss a lie detector test in Brighton 10 years after he had left the boarding school.  Working in his father’s business his lack of education wasn’t particularly evident. He’d got the grades which was all that mattered to his parents.

Samuel explained that he wanted to take a lie detector test to prove what had happened to him. He felt he wouldn’t be believed if he told his parents without having some form of backup. One of our specialist London polygraph examiners formulated the questions with him and he sat the polygraph examination.

He was telling the truth about the sexual abuse he had endured at the hands of his tutors. Armed with his polygraph results, Samuel showed them to his parents and told them that his next step was to report the matter to the police.

Naturally his parents were devastated and wished he had told them from day one.

Greater London Polygraph Services

Our polygraph examiners work throughout Greater London helping clients resolve a variety of issues. All are highly experienced in dealing with sensitive issues and some are specialists in historical sexual abuse.  Our services are highly confidential and you can rely on our discretion at all times. Samuel chose a lie detector test in Brighton because it was nearest to where he lived. However, we have a number of Greater London controlled office locations. We can also conduct tests in the comfort of your own home if required.

More details can be obtained by calling our free helpline on 07572 748364.