When friends interfere in your life, even with the best of intentions, things can go horribly wrong. In this case it led to a Hereford lie detector test.

Harold’s Case

Harold had always been a bit of a geek. He was named after his grandfather and that hadn’t done him any favours growing up. He had very few friends and spent most of his time studying or playing computer games when he was a teenager. That hadn’t helped his social standing either. Harold had one good friend though, his next-door neighbour Chantelle. She’d tried over the years to get him a girlfriend but his awkwardness had always made him mess up on the first date. At 25, Harold was still a virgin and even though he tried to tell Chantelle he was waiting for the right girl, she knew it wasn’t true.

Peer pressure

Chantelle had a friend, Gemma, who was a bit promiscuous and she asked her to go out with Harold and “show him a good time”. She’d organised a boat trip for the two of them and it included a romantic champagne lunch. Gemma was happy to oblige. She was always up for a free lunch and she didn’t mind a bit of kissing and fumbling to get one.

Harold wasn’t ugly by any stretch of the imagination but after a few tweaks and a shopping trip, Chantelle would have gone out with him herself. He was a great catch too. He’d bought his first flat outright with an inheritance from his grandfather and was pretty high up in a business consultancy firm, given his young age. His parents were also very well off and he was going to be set for the rest of his life.

Pre-existing health issues

Harold had returned from his date over the moon and soon he was dating Gemma full time. He showered her with lavish gifts and after a month, she’d moved in. Chantelle hadn’t been happy about it but Harold was ecstatic and he still spent a lot of time with her, so their relationship was unaffected. At least this way, she could keep her eye on him and be there when it went wrong, which Chantelle was confident it would.

The problems began when Harold had asked to speak to Chantelle in confidence, he needed some advice. He explained he’d contracted chlamydia and as Gemma was the only person he’d ever slept with, it could only have been from her. Chantelle said she must be cheating but Harold wouldn’t have any of it. Gemma had said it went undetected in women and maybe she had it before they started seeing each other. She had only slept with him since they’d been together. Harold wasn’t very sexually experienced and very naive, so he’d believed her.

Hereford lie detector test

The second time Harold contracted chlamydia was two months later and Gemma told him the antibiotics couldn’t have worked. She said the doctor had told her it may take more than one course before it was completely gone. Again, Harold spoke to Chantelle who said she was 99.9 percent certain she was cheating. She suggested booking a Hereford lie detector test. Harold was offended but he knew it made sense. Chantelle was his best and only friend, she wouldn’t tell him to consider a polygraph test without good reason. He knew Gemma had nowhere else to go and that she’d take it.

Gold digger

The polygraph results confirmed Gemma had been cheating. Worse still, she’d slept with multiple men since she’d been with Harold. She was more interested in Harold’s money than him.

Chantelle was upset for Harold who was so inexperienced, it took a lie detector test to make him realise Gemma wasn’t the love of his life. Chantelle realised her feelings for Harold ran a lot deeper and they’re making a go of things, so much so that they plan to marry in a few years. Gemma was a gold digger but Chantelle has money of her own and they are both very happy

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