Helpful Guidelines for Choosing a UK Polygraph Examiner

As many of our clients know, it can be difficult choosing a UK polygraph examiner. A quick search on Google will pull up several providers.

The UK Polygraph Industry is competitive and it would be great if all providers behaved in a wholly professional manner.  Most do, but unfortunately there is a minority who take great delight in denigrating their competition.  Others extol the virtues of the many UK Polygraph Associations they belong to without mentioning that:

  1. The Polygraph Industry is not regulated in the UK, much as we wish it was.
  2. All professional examiners belong to the APA (American Polygraph Association) which effectively is the only one that matters. Our serving UK police officers, who conduct polygraph examinations to monitor certain types of offenders, belong to the APA and not a British Polygraph Association.

Irrespective of what you may be told, you will never find a professional examiner operating in Britain with only a membership to an Association in the UK.  They are all bound by the ethics and rules of the APA.

Our time is taken up with helping our clients

We could join all the British Associations but we don’t find it necessary or advisable.  We don’t have the time to commit to monthly/bi monthly or even quarterly meetings.  Our examiners’ time is taken up with the necessary ongoing training they are obliged to do in order to retain their accreditation with the APA. And of course conducting lie detector tests nationwide.

You will never hear our examiners, or our Company, denigrating a fellow APA member because we are professionals who don’t get involved with petty squabbles.  So we have written a set of guidelines for prospective clients to help them when choosing a UK Polygraph Examiner.

Check out the guidelines

Our guidelines tell you what to look for, what to avoid and where to complain if you need to.

We hope you will find them useful but as always, if you want to know anything at all about our Company or polygraph examiners, we believe in complete transparency.  You can even use our free helpline (07572 748364) to call us.

More importantly our lie detector tests are being conducted correctly and in accordance with APA guidelines.

Take a look at our guidelines before you book by clicking here.