Hastings Lie Detector Test resolves Loan Dispute

When our client loaned his brother in law money, it wasn’t paid back. A Hastings lie detector test brought clarity to the issue.

Steve’s case

Matt was married to Steve’s sister, Clarissa. He was always borrowing money from Steve but not large amounts.  The odd £10 or £20 was the norm and because Steve knew they were struggling financially it hadn’t mattered that Matt hardly ever paid it back.

However, last July Matt asked Steve to lend him £8,000. Due to Covid Matt wasn’t getting much painting and decorating work in and he was behind with the mortgage.  Clarissa wasn’t aware how far behind they were and he didn’t want her to know.  Matt had a large contract coming up to paint an office building he said. It would take him a couple of months to get the money together and he would pay Steve back.  Against his better judgement, Steve agreed.

In November Steve called Matt several times to ask when he might expect the money to be returned. Each time he was told “next week”.  By mid-December with no money in sight, Steve spoke to his parents about it.  His mother said she would talk to Clarissa.  And that’s when the trouble started.

What money?

When Clarissa confronted Matt, he denied borrowing any money from Steve. So convincing was he, that Clarissa believed him.  In a heated phone conversation Clarissa said that Steve had never liked Matt and hadn’t wanted her to marry him.  She thought this was his way of trying to split them up.

Steve couldn’t deny that he had advised her against marrying Matt. But he’d accepted her decision and done his best to get on with someone he believed would never look after his sister properly.

He could prove that he’d drawn out £8,000 from his bank but he stupidly didn’t ask Matt for a receipt.

Hastings lie detector test

Steve contacted us about a lie detector test in Hastings just before Christmas.  He wanted to prove that he had given the money to Matt.

Our Greater London polygraph examiner worked with Steve to formulate the questions he would be asked.  He passed the polygraph examination with no deception found and had his fully analysed, peer reviewed report with the results within 24 hours.

Steve presented the Hastings lie detector test report to his parents over Christmas and sent a copy to his sister.  Matt continued to deny borrowing the money so Clarissa booked him in for a polygraph examination which will take place next week. It never ceases to amaze us how far people will go to perpetuate a lie.

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