Case Study | Hartlepool Lie Detector Test resolves Infidelity Issue

Our client could see that her aunt and uncle weren’t happy, so she ordered a Hartlepool lie detector test to try to save their marriage.

Stella’s Case

Stella’s Auntie Grace and Uncle Jim had been together for 30 years. Their wedding anniversary was fast approaching and Stella wanted to do something nice for them. She’d fallen out with her own parents when she’d announced she was gay and her aunt had taken her in without question. Stella had lived with them for a little over four years and they’d always been supportive of her choice of partner and helped her out constantly.

Life and soul of the party

Stella organised a party at a local hotel and paid for the catering and a free bar. On the night, Grace appeared to get very drunk and was flirting with some of the guests. Stella could see her uncle propping up the bar and went over to see if he was okay. Jim explained Grace always acted like this when she’d had a few drinks and he just ignored it.

He said he’d been told she’d had numerous affairs and had even been caught by one of his friends kissing someone in a bar the previous month. The situation had caused a huge argument between them and he felt the relationship was over because of her behaviour. Stella protested that her aunt loved Jim and there was no way she would ever do anything like that. She suggested that perhaps, his friend was jealous and trying to cause trouble as his own marriage had split up the previous year.

War zone

Over the next few weeks, Stella could feel the atmosphere in the house. Grace and Jim started to sleep in separate bedrooms and would argue constantly. She could hear her aunt crying in the bedroom before she went to sleep and knew she was very unhappy. When shed spoken to Grace about the accusations her aunt said she flirted as it was the only attention she got these days. Jim always seemed to be angry with her and not at all interested in her anymore.

Grace had stopped going out and looked a mess. She told Stella that if she didn’t look attractive to other men then hopefully Jim would see she wasn’t playing way from home.  She never had and she never would. Jim was the love of Grace’s life and Stella hated what had become of their relationship.

Taking action

Stella contacted us and booked a Hartlepool lie detector test. She trusted her aunt and knew she’d be happy to take it. Jim needed to understand she’d never cheat on him and never had. Maybe if Jim saw the results in black and white, they could start to repair their relationship and go back to the solid marriage they’d always enjoyed. She hated seeing the two of them like this and believed a polygraph test would help them.

Grace willingly attended the polygraph examination and Stella went along for moral support. Although she wasn’t able to go into the test with her aunt, she waited for her in the pub round the corner so they could have a nice lunch afterwards. They’d decided to send the results of the test in to Jim’s email.

Hartlepool lie detector test results

Neither Grace nor Stella mentioned their day trip to Jim. When he saw the detailed report of Grace’s test the following day, he was reduced to tears. Stella had booked a weekend break for the two of them at a hotel, in the hope they’d rekindle their love for each other. Grace and Jim confirmed the romantic break was just the tonic they both needed.

Jim was devastated he didn’t believe his wife. That she’d had to go through the Hartlepool lie detector test to disprove the rumours about her hurt him deeply.

Jim is happy to report he’s arranged to renew their wedding vows next month to show everyone they are still very much in love. He is determined that nothing and no one will come between them again. He’s grateful to have such a wonderful and caring niece who knew exactly what to do to put his relationship with his wife back on track.

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