Case Study | Harlow Lie Detector Test reveals who crashed the Car

Jul 27, 2020

Harlow Lie Detector Test reveals who crashed the Car

On her return from holiday our client was told her car, that was her pride and joy, had been stolen. She didn’t believe her husband’s account of events so booked a Harlow lie detector test to establish the truth of the matter.

Shelly’s Case

Shelly was really looking forward to her best friend’s hen night in Ibiza. It almost hadn’t happened due to the lockdown restrictions but they had been lifted just in time. Soon her husband was driving her to the airport with the roof down on her beautiful Peugeot 206 cabriolet. Although not new, it was in pristine condition. She loved the car and having the roof down always made her feel great, so it was the best start to what was going to be a great week’s holiday with the girls. Dean dropped her off and told her to have a great time; she knew she would.

Meeting up with the girls in the airport, they’d been disappointed they couldn’t get a private coach hire but at least they’d all made it, with obliging partners willing to drive them.

Back home with a bump

At the end of a fantastic holiday Dean came to collect her. As she got off the plane the sun was shining. She was looking forward to getting in the car and feeling the wind in her hair, after such a stuffy plane and airport experience.  But Dean wasn’t in her car. He was in a hire car. When she asked him why, he said the car had been stolen from their house. Shelly was upset.

Dean said there was no forced entry and the thieves must have taken the keys from the hall table using something they had pushed through the letter box. If that was the case, the house keys were also on the car keyring so why hadn’t they burgled the house she wondered?  And where was Dean while all this was going on?

He said he was out all night at a stag party. He hadn’t realised until the police had called him the next morning to say they’d found Shelly’s prized possession wrapped around a tree a few streets away. No one had been in the car and no one had seen anything significant, other than a homeowner who stated they heard the crash around 3am and called the police. They’d looked out of the window and seen someone running away but they couldn’t see who.

A little worse for wear

Dean had a cut on his forehead. Shelly asked him outright if he’d driven the car drunk and he denied it. Instead he claimed he’d fallen over after having too much to drink on his lad’s night out. Shelly wasn’t sure and when the insurance wouldn’t pay out as there was no sign of break in she became suspicious.

Shelly contacted us for a Harlow lie detector test in. She loved her car and if Dean had done this then he would be buying her a new one. That aside, if he’d been driving drunk then he could have hurt himself or worse, killed someone.

Harlow lie detector test

Dean agreed to the polygraph examination. Shelly told him she needed him to in order to put this horrible situation behind her. The results were sent directly to her 24 hours later. She was upset to find Dean had taken the car out on the stag night. He’d crashed it and lied about the whole thing. As often happens he took the test because he was terrified of telling her the truth face to face.

He promised to replace her beloved car and swore never to drive under the influence again. Shelly is keeping a close eye on him and drives him to and from the pub these days.

London/Home Counties Polygraph Examiners

Our highly qualified polygraph examiners work nationwide, including all over London and the Home Counties. If Shelly’s case teaches us anything, it is that there are always ways to find the truth.  Therefore it’s better not to lie in the first place.  However, reasons for being dishonest vary no matter how misguided they may be.  A deceptive lie detector test result doesn’t mean a relationship has to be over.  But it does encourage people to be more honest in the future.

If you feel someone is lying to you call our Free Helpline (0800 368 8277) to find out if our polygraph services can help you.

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