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Mar 13, 2020

Case Study | Halifax Lie Detector Test Quashes False Allegations of Sexual Abuse

A worried mother contacted our Halifax Lie Detector Test Service when her son was accused of sexual abuse.  She was relieved by the results.

Marlene’s Case

The day Marlene’s neighbour told her that rumours were circulating about her son, Brendan, she felt sick.  She’d bumped into the neighbour at the supermarket who said that 19 year old Brendan had been accused of talking to young girls outside the local high school gates. There were also some allegations of him having sex with them.

Brendan was at college and Marlene knew allegations like these spread like wildfire in the area where they lived.  She was worried that they would damage any future relationships he had or even his career. Brendan wanted to be an English teacher.

Schoolgirl crush

When Marlene spoke to Brendan about what the neighbour had told her he was horrified.  He said that he’d arranged to collect his friend’s 13 year old sister from school on the way over to see him. The girl had complained to her brother that she was being bullied and since Brendan was visiting, it saved his friend the bother of collecting her.

During the journey, the girl made a pass at Brendan.  He told her very firmly that he wasn’t interested.  Since then she had practically stalked him.

Marlene called the girl’s mother who confirmed that Brendan had collected her daughter some weeks ago at the request of her son.  She was also aware that her daughter had a crush on Brendan and that he wasn’t interested. She apologised that her daughter might also have added fuel to the fire by pretending to her schoolmates that Brendan was her boyfriend.

Halifax lie detector test

Marlene knew her son was a kind and gentle person. He perhaps hadn’t been firm enough with the girl not wanting to hurt her pride.

But she wasn’t going to have rumours ruin his life and was determined to make sure her neighbour knew the truth.  Gossiping as she did, the neighbour needed to know how damaging false allegations were.  If the police caught wind of them who knew where it would lead?

The girl’s mother suggested our Halifax lie detector test service, as she had used it in the past.  Marlene booked Brendan in almost immediately.

Results and conclusion

The polygraph results showed that Brendan was telling the truth.  Marlene went to visit her neighbour and went through the polygraph report with her.  She asked politely that the neighbour didn’t repeat the allegations to anyone else since they were slanderous.

Yorkshire Polygraph Tests

False allegations ruin both lives and careers if they are not stopped in their tracks.  However, our Yorkshire polygraph tests encompass all forms of dishonesty including theft, infidelity and fraud to name a few.  If you need help to prove your innocence please contact us on our free helpline (0800 368 8277).

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