A distressed wife wrote to us recently regarding an unusual infidelity issue. Our Grantham Polygraph Examiner responded to her.

Q: Will a lie detector test help me find out who my son’s new girlfriend really is?

Some years ago my husband, had an affair with someone who was half his age. He was cheating on me and she was cheating on her boyfriend.  She fell in love with my husband and decided to confess to her boyfriend who she was living with.  I have no idea how the boyfriend got my number but he called me and told me about the affair.

To cut a very long story short, we got over it and he stayed with me. However, the affair had been going on for over a year and his mistress didn’t give up easily.  We ended up having to move and my husband changed his job.  Our son was at university at the time.

My son now has a new girlfriend.  She is 6 years older than him and has two children.  She appears to have had rather a tumultuous life with a divorce behind her and the break-up of at least two relationships since her divorce.

When she came over for lunch the first time, I noticed a look between my husband and her.  I can’t explain it very well but it was a really odd look, one that made me feel they knew each other.

As time has progressed I have watched a closeness develop between my husband and her.  I may be being paranoid but I honestly believe she is my husband’s ex-mistress.  It is driving me insane thinking about it. I feel the situation is a blast from the past purely on intuition.

My son is besotted with her and I can’t speak to anyone about it. I’ve no idea how I could get her to take a test but I really want to know the truth.  Do you have a Grantham polygraph examiner and if so will a lie detector test tell me what I want to know?

F. P., Grantham

Response from Grantham Polygraph Examiner

What a dreadful situation to be in.  The short answer to your question is that a lie detector test can give you the answers you need. And we have polygraph examiners all over the East Midlands including Grantham.

The difficulty you will have is that if you book a test for your son’s girlfriend she is almost certainly going to tell him. Hence it might be a good idea to discuss it with him first.  Tell him how you are feeling.  Most sons don’t want their mothers to be distressed. His girlfriend should have no problem in taking a polygraph test if she has nothing to hide.

There may be ways to get her to take the test without having to inform your son but it depends on whether you have any leverage over her.  I suggest you call our free helpline (07572 748364) to discuss the matter in more depth.  Tell our customer support representative that the Grantham Polygraph Examiner has asked to you to contact us. Any conversation you have will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

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