Gloucester Lie Detector Test exposes Dishonest Sister

Sep 5, 2019

When family members act irresponsibly, tell lies and you suspect them of stealing it causes resentment and disharmony.  Our client ordered a Gloucester lie detector test for her sister to teach her an invaluable lesson.

Lillian’s Case

Lillian and Zoe still lived at home with their elderly parents. Lillian was trained as a hairdresser and was self-employed. She worked hard in the salon and even did private bookings in clients’ homes. Zoe had always been in and out of work, never contributing much to the household. Their parents now only received their state pension. Lillian paid her way and paid rent to them every month without fail. She needed to. They couldn’t afford to support their children as well as themselves on what little money they had coming in. The strain on them was immense so on top of the payment she made each month, Lillian would clean the house and organise the bills for them. She felt that since they were retired they should be enjoying life and not still paying for it. They were old but not stupid. They’d complained to Lillian their bank account seemed short and they hadn’t been out in months. She put this down to their forgetfulness.

Not so sick sister

Zoe returned home one day complaining that she couldn’t cope at work. She worked in a coffee shop so Lillian wondered what she could possibly be stressed about. However, following a trip to her GP she was given a sick note and a prescription for antidepressants.  She’d been signed off for six weeks. Lillian knew she wouldn’t get sick pay because she hadn’t been working there long enough. They’d kept her job open, so she couldn’t claim benefits either. Zoe increased her payment to her parents to cover the losses from her sister but Zoe kept asking them for money. She went out with her friends, saying her doctor had told her to socialise. Lillian couldn’t understand how someone who was so depressed could be out clubbing 3 times a week.

Gloucester lie detector test

The last straw came when Zoe was signed off for a further 6 weeks. Lillian knew her sister and knew when she was lying. She’d also found her medication, untouched. Zoe said it was a new packet but it just didn’t ring true.  When asked about the money that was missing from their parents’ bank account Zoe denied all knowledge.

Lillian contacted us for a Gloucester lie detector test. She told her sister that if she wasn’t lying she wouldn’t have a problem. But if she was, she needed to go back to work and stop being so lazy. Lillian threatened to tell their parents of her suspicions if Zoe didn’t take the polygraph test and that would break their hearts.  It transpired later that Zoe assumed if she’d convinced a doctor to sign her off then she could convince the examiner. Confidently telling her sister she didn’t have anything to hide, Zoe said she was happy to take the test.

 Too little, too late

Shortly before the Gloucester lie detector test appointment, Zoe announced that she intended going back to work. This was too little too late for Lillian. She wanted to prove she was never ill in the first place. She also wanted to get to the bottom of the missing money.

When the test results came back they only confirmed what Lillian had suspected.  She had hoped she was wrong about the money but she wasn’t.  Suspecting something and then having it confirmed is no less devastating.  She told Zoe to go back to work and pay their parents back every penny. Once the money had been returned she was to move out and fend for herself.

Zoe did as she was told because she couldn’t bear the thought of her parents knowing what she had done. However, she is slowly repairing the relationship with her family. She understands how easy she had it at her parents now she has her own bills to pay.

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