Giving Horrendous Christmas Gifts encourages people to tell you Lies

Dec 16, 2020

Giving Horrendous Christmas Gifts encourages people to tell you Lies

It’s the season to be jolly. Christmas is nearly upon us and we are all frantically logging in online to get that someone special the perfect gift. Online is key here, with COVID-19 still a very strong issue for all of us no one knows if it’s safe to go to the shops or not. This means that more and more of us are trawling through websites to find Christmas gifts for their nearest and dearest. The problem with this of course, is we get bored and most of the decent presents are unavailable or won’t arrive in time. So we end up choosing things we think they’ll like, rather than knowing they will. It can be tricky to buy someone the perfect Christmas gift. But rather than just guessing, it might be wise to try to speak to a friend or relative of the recipient before making a dreadful mistake.

The people who know you well enough will always manage to find something you do like. But what about those family members you only see at Christmas, or your Secret Santa present at work? Herein lays the problem -those Christmas gifts that you pretend to be over the moon with, until of course the shops reopen and you can make that annual return. Obviously, you never tell the gift giver (and they never tell you) you’ve done this but inevitability we always return or exchange them

It’s the thought that counts

It is the thought that counts after all, but who wants to give their granddaughter a drill or a socket set. We do, as it was a fantastic deal at the time. You pass the gift over thinking it’s empowering the woman to do the manly jobs around the house. You spout off how independent the gift will make her feel. Any reason you can think of to make the present more of a realistic choice. You know, and so does she, that you ran out of options and in return you offer the receipt “just in case” she already has one. Of course she doesn’t need a drill. She has a husband for heaven’s sake.

What are the most popular terrible gifts? 

  1. Self-help books – is this person implying you’re mentally unstable and need help organising your life.
  1. Recycled presents – One of the worst things about these gifts is that the person forgets who gave it to them. That person is usually you.
  1. A cheque for money (normally from the elderly) – Cheques have been phased out since 2018, cashing them is near on impossible.
  1. Grandma’s hand knitted Jumper – This item has been made with great care and devotion just for you, but it will never fit. We put it on like good little grandchildren on Christmas day, only to be thrown in the back of a drawer until you need to see Grandma the very next Christmas. You would never dream of wearing this on Christmas jumper day at work. The arms are too long and it’s about 7 sizes too big.
  1. Inappropriate underwear from a relative – A relative has gone into a lingerie store to buy this item for you. Not only is it creepy but the item, clearly to spice up your love life, isn’t something you want to receive from a member of your family. Does it signify what they are thinking of you in the back of their mind? That thought should remain there and never spill into your presents.
  1. Weight loss products – is this gift trying to tell you something? We all put on a few extra pounds over Christmas, but you haven’t even eaten your dinner yet. There you were looking forward to tucking into this massive amount of food, and now you feel like you should just take the little pill and leave it at that.

We are not suggesting you ask your friends and relatives to take a lie detector test to prove they like their Christmas gifts. It’s written all over their faces as soon as your back had been turned. You should be ashamed of yourself for waiting till the last minute and not putting thought into your Christmas shopping. Maybe you were tired of the gift buying shenanigans and just picked the nearest thing to the till you found, or the cheapest thing online.

Lie Detector Tests as a gift idea

The thing is that it’s tough to find the right gift at Christmas, but have you thought outside the box? Maybe you and your partner have issues and they suspect you of cheating. You could also have a friend that has been ousted from the crowd because of allegations they deny. Buying the gift of truth and honesty is a well thought out gift. You could test yourself to prove your fidelity, or help that mistrusted friend of yours redeem themselves. You could assist the black sheep of the family prove their innocence and bring them back into the family fold. As Christmas gifts go, a lie detector test is one of the most novel and original.

This year it couldn’t be easier, and Lie Detector Test wants to give you a helping hand. We are offering all office tests at the same cost as a home test. This means £100.00 discount at one of our controlled office locations. Yes you heard us correctly, we’re providing a lie detector test at any location we cover for just £395.00 inclusive of VAT, throughout the whole of December. Give this Christmas the veracity it deserves. Build those bridges and get things sorted once and for all. Call our dedicated Customer Care Team today on 0800 861 1058 and see how we can help you. Alternatively, if you’re ready to book, why not do this securely online, using a debit/credit card or even PayPal.

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