Gillingham Lie Detector Test reveals who stole the Money

When our client inadvertently left some cash in her car and it went missing, she ordered a Gillingham lie detector test for her main suspect.

Faith’s Case

Faith’s daughter, Robyn, was struggling financially and emotionally. Her husband had left her for another woman and she had lost her job all within the space of a month.  3 months on and her life was a mess.  To say she was depressed was an understatement. Robyn wasn’t the type of person to give up but added into the mix was Covid-19. She struggled to find work and was buried in debt.

As a mother, Faith hated to see Robyn so unhappy. Her daughter, who had always been so strong and independent, was losing her self-confidence fast.  She was too proud to ask for help so Faith always offered it.  Robyn’s credit cards were maxed and her bank account overdrawn, so online shopping was impossible.  Faith paid her bills for her but realised how difficult it must be to have no money of her own. Any money she paid into her bank account was eaten up by the overdraft.

Preparing for Christmas

Determined to have a good Christmas, despite the Covid restrictions, Faith went to the bank and drew out £1000 in cash to give to Robyn.  She locked the envelope containing the money in the glove compartment of her car.

When she arrived home she was surprised to find Robyn and her brother Simon on her doorstep.   They helped her unload her shopping and then asked if they could borrow her car.  Simon’s was in the garage being repaired and Robyn wanted to go to the chemist to collect her prescriptions. Simon needed to collect a few things from the shops too. Faith handed them the keys and said she would cook a meal for when they got back.

When they returned, an hour or so later, they all sat down to a great home cooked meal and then Faith took them both back to their homes.

Missing money

It wasn’t until afterwards that she remembered the cash and decided to take it out for safekeeping. But when she opened the glove compartment it was missing.

She called Simon and Robyn and asked if they knew what had happened to the cash.  Both denied even looking in the glove compartment let alone having knowledge of any money in it.

The more Faith thought about it, the more she couldn’t believe either of her children would steal from her.  She wondered whether she had removed it herself but as she backtracked on what she had done that day, she knew she hadn’t.

Gillingham lie detector test

Of the two, Faith thought it was more likely that Simon had taken it. Whilst both kids knew they only had to ask if they needed money, Simon was the one who took most advantage of her.  They’d had an altercation the week before when he’d asked her to help him out with his rent.  Since he had a good job she gave him a lecture in living beyond his means which didn’t go down too well.

He was outraged when she told him she wanted him to take a polygraph test. He agreed to it only if she promised to pay his rent arrears when she found out he was innocent.  Faith said she would.

One of our London polygraph examiners conducted the test and the results showed Simon was being deceptive.  On learning this he admitted that he had ‘borrowed’ the money and intended to pay it back out of his Christmas bonus.  Quite how he was going to do that before Faith found it was missing he hadn’t worked out.


As mothers often do, Faith forgave her son but not before she made him feel wretched about taking money that was destined for his sister.  Simon gave Robyn his Christmas bonus and the family look set to have an enjoyable festive season.

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