Gavin Williamson MP has been vehement in his denial of leaking information about the possible Huawei involvement in creating an infrastructure for the controversial 5G network in Britain. Following his dismissal as Defence Secretary, Theresa May has stated that a criminal investigation is not necessary. Considering the gravity of the allegation, this is somewhat surprising and we invite Gavin Williamson to take a lie detector test to clear his name.

Gavin Williamson refused to resign

Mr Williamson, in an interview with a reporter from the Sun newspaper denied he was culpable, swearing on his children’s lives that he hadn’t leaked the information.

He was fired from his position by the PM who claims there is compelling evidence linking the NSC (National Security Council) to the leak. She initially requested his resignation stating that she had lost confidence in Mr Williamson’s ability to serve the government.  He refused based on the premise that if he resigned it would appear that he or his department was responsible.

Not only does Mr Williamson deny leaking the data himself but also is adamant that his team would not have done so.

Criminal investigation

Former Attorney General, Dominic Grieve, considers there is “an argument” for a criminal investigation and the deputy leader of the Labour Party, Tom Watson, has asked where the justice is, if one doesn’t take place.

At the very least this is a breach of the Official Secrets Act 1989, an offence that carries up to 2 years in prison if someone is found guilty.

It seems strange that the PM wouldn’t want to have the matter criminally investigated. And naturally the fact that she doesn’t has led to speculation as to the veracity of her “compelling evidence”.

Lie detector tests

Polygraph services are used in security services globally.  They are utilised in the UK for monitoring sex offenders on probation. In the private sector they are used extensively for pre-employment screening, especially in security. In the USA anyone wanting a job in law enforcement or intelligence has to take a lie detector test.

False allegations frequently ruin reputations and career prospects.  Gavin Williamson believes the allegations against him are politically motivated. That being the case, the quickest way to clear his name is to sit a lie detector test.

The polygraph is used as an investigative tool. For example, if Gavin Williamson completes the test and no deception is found it should inspire further investigation to take place. This would then lead to other suspects being interviewed and hopefully the discovery of the real culprit.

As Home Office approved polygraph examiners, we invite Mr Williamson to contact us on 07572 748364 and arrange a lie detector test at a place of his choice.  We have offices all over the UK including in major cities and towns.