Sometimes friends rally round when someone they care about appears to have a problem but won’t admit it. In this case they booked a lie detector test for gambling in Manchester to get help that was badly needed.

Chris’s Case

Chris worked behind the bar at Jackie’s local, they got on well and had been very good friends for a few years now. The pub showed all the major football matches and as avid Manchester United supporters, they’d both watch the games together. At first, they’d sit together and have a few beers; most of the games were on a Sunday which meant they’d have a roast dinner too.

The fruit machine

Jackie always used to put a few quid into the fruit machine. She’d sit there most of the day and watch people put their money in and not win. She’d wait till they left and change up a fiver and normally win between £20 and £30, enough for both of their lunches. Jackie seemed to be attracted to the flashing lights and the prizes you could win and started to use them more frequently. She’d come in the bar early and put £10 then £20 in before asking Chris for a loan until her next payday. She didn’t watch the locals use it anymore, they watched her. Jackie rarely had any money left for the roast dinner or beers anymore and it would be down to Chris to pay. He didn’t mind, they were friends but he was concerned about her constant use of slot machines.

Motherly love

Chris knew he needed to broach the subject more seriously but didn’t know where to start. He’d mentioned it to Jackie while she was on the machine the week before and she had laughed at him thinking she had a problem. Chris invited her to his mother’s house for Sunday lunch on a rare weekend when he was not working. Jackie accepted as they got on well and had dinner there at least once or twice a month. Once there Chris’s mother asked Jackie how she felt about taking a lie detector test for gambling in Manchester. She loved Jackie like a daughter and needed to know if she had a problem, so she could get her some help.

Jackie was adamant that she didn’t have a problem so Chris’s Mum said she wouldn’t have a problem taking one then.  Jackie didn’t want to upset her so agreed which was just as well  because it had already been booked.

Help is just around the corner

Chris was shocked his mother had booked and paid for a polygraph test but went along with it. He knew Jackie had a problem and if this could make her realise it then it was worth it. Jackie was happy to go. She didn’t have a problem so proving that seemed like something she needed to do to make them believe her.  Chris and his mother had thought about the questions carefully. We provided some guidance on what to ask and what results to expect. We also provided some aftercare and contacts should the results of the test prove she did have an issue.

Lie detector test for gambling in Manchester

Jackie failed the lie detector test for gambling in Manchester and deep down she knew she would. She never wanted to admit the problem she was having and was grateful to her friends for stepping in. She’s now receiving group counselling and has decided to stay away from the pub for now. It’s part of her healing process. She will be able to return but only when she feels strong enough to stay away from the slot machines.

If you know someone who seems to be having difficulty coming to terms with a problem call our free helpline on 07572 748364.  We may be able to help with our range of polygraph services.