Chelmsford Polygraph Examiner advises on Gambling Addiction

Jul 10, 2019

Q. Can a lie detector test help with a gambling addiction?

I’m writing to you in a last ditch attempt at helping out my son in law. He has a good job and gets paid well but he never seems to have any money. My daughter has just had twins and they have been trying to make ends meet but no matter what bill it is or when it comes in, they always seem to need to borrow money from me to get it paid.  Jason, my son in law used to have a gambling problem, He realised this and got help from a counsellor and his doctor.

Watching the Grand National has always been a family tradition and we have little bets on the horses with funny names, you know just 50 pence each way and so on. Jason has never been invited to one of these due to his previous issues but as he’d got some help we decided to include him this year. He seemed to get really agitated and was shouting at the TV. We all get a little excited but this was well over the top. I really hope he hasn’t fallen back into his old ways but considering his reaction to his horse losing and their lack of money I really don’t know. Do you think you lie detector test for gambling addiction could help me get to the bottom of it all?

They’re a young family and need all the money they can get. Gambling at this early stage in their children’s lives could destroy the family unit and their marriage.

S. R., Chelmsford

Response from our Chelmsford Polygraph Examiner

From what you describe there certainly appears to be something wrong.  Since your son in law has had a gambling problem in the past it is conceivable that he’s had a relapse. If he has, he may be reluctant to admit to it. He may feel that he has let your daughter down, especially as he’s sought treatment before. More particularly he may think that he has let himself down.

Lie detector test for gambling addiction

In most cases of addiction, addicts find it much easier to speak to a non-judgemental stranger rather than people who are close to them. This is why lie detector tests are successful in making addicts take the first step towards rehabilitation. Admitting you have failed to someone you don’t know and may never meet again is much easier.

The fully analysed report of lie detector test results provides proof of what has happened and usually inspires remedial action.

So in answer to your question, yes a lie detector test can help with this specific issue. If your son in law is ready to admit to his problem, you may find it easy to get him to take a test.  However, if he’s not ready it may be difficult to get him to agree.

If you’d like to discuss the matter further please call our Free Helpline on 0800 368 8277. Please mention that the Chelmsford Polygraph Examiner has already given you some advice regarding your son in law’s possible gambling addiction.  Our advice is free so we actively encourage you to contact us.

Good luck.

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