Case Study | Fishing for Infidelity results in Gatwick Lie Detector Test

Jun 5, 2020

Fishing for Infidelity results in Gatwick Lie Detector Test

Our client booked a Gatwick lie detector test to save her marriage when rumours, with no basis in reality, began to circulate about infidelity.

Dawn’s Case

Dawn loved David but his fishing got on her nerves. She’d tried to get involved but hours and hours sitting by a lake in silence just didn’t do it for her. They were well off and had inherited their country home, complete with lake, when David’s father had died. All the men in the family spent their time fishing down there.  And Dawn was always stuck at home preparing their lunches.

She wanted more from life and when the opportunity arose to travel she grabbed it with both hands. She was only gone for a few weeks, and travelling around Europe with her best friends had been amazing.

The quiet treatment

When she got home, David was acting differently around her. He seemed to be down at the lake most days and now evenings too. She tried to return to her normal life but it was like she wasn’t even there. David ignored her and he’d snap at her whenever she tried to find out what was wrong.

Dawn called her best friend who said that Janice, one of her friends who’d been travelling with them, told her that Dawn had cheated whilst on holiday. Dawn was devastated, she’d been nothing but faithful to David for the 25 years they’d been married. Was this what was wrong with him? She’d been sent to Coventry and there was no reason, other than this that she could think of.

Innocent until proven guilty

Dawn contacted us for a Gatwick lie detector test. Okay so her marriage wasn’t the greatest and she had gone away to get a little excitement back into her life, but she hadn’t cheated. She’d asked David if he’d heard the rumour and he said everyone had.  Everyone thought she was a “cheating whore” he said. Dawn hated the way he spoke to her, and the fact he wouldn’t even give her a chance to explain herself. He just mumbled and sloped off back down to the lake.

When Dawn called Janice to find out why she had told anyone she had cheated on holiday, her friend said she thought Dawn had. One night during the holiday Dawn had stayed on at a night club while the other friends went home.  She hadn’t got back to their apartment until 6 in the morning. So Janice assumed she’d had a ‘little holiday romance’.  She’d actually spent the time talking about her problems to the rather nice night club owner and his wife!  Janice is no longer a friend!

Gatwick lie detector test

Dawn didn’t tell David about the polygraph test. She knew he’d be down at the lake all afternoon and he wouldn’t care. The test was over within a couple of hours and the results were given to her there and then. She would have the fully analysed report within 48 hours.

The polygraph examiner was just leaving when David returned from his latest fishing escapade. He was shocked when our examiner introduced herself and explained why she was at their home. She confirmed Dawn hadn’t cheated and the results would be sent to them via email.

David apologised to his wife but Dawn wasn’t happy at all. She explained she had thought about affairs in the past. Her life was so mundane and boring these days that she was now considering a divorce. David asked for another chance, and promised to put more effort into their relationship. He has cut down his fishing time and takes his wife out on a regular date night. They are having marriage counselling and are planning their own European holiday when the easing of lockdown rules permit.

London/Home Counties Polygraph Service

Suspicions and rumours of infidelity can destroy the strongest of partnerships.  The fastest way to eliminate them is a polygraph examination.

Our highly trained, professional and accredited polygraph examiners have a wealth of experience in dealing with sensitive issues.  They work through London and the Home Counties diligently seeking the truth. Call our free helpline to find out whether they can help you.

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