Father’s Day 2021 – Honest Fathers raise Honest Children

It’s not difficult for men to father children, but being a dad needs a lifetime of commitment. Fathers play an essential role in their children´s lives that nobody else can fulfil. This role helps shape their children into the adults they will become.

Emotional development

Both parents play an important part in the emotional development of their children. However, kids view their father as the creator and enforcer of the rules. Fathers also make children feel secure, emotionally and physically. Children aspire to make their fathers proud of them. Many studies have revealed that the cognitive and social development of kids is positively impacted when they have supportive and affectionate fathers. These children will be more self confident, happier and healthier.

Setting the standard for future relationships

A father’s treatment of his children will influence what they will look for in friends, partners and other close relationships.  The standards fathers set in their relationships with their kids will define how the children relate to others. Honest fathers raise honest children.

Dads and daughters

The first relationship a girl has with a male is with her father. If Dad is strong yet gentle, kind but firm and honest, she will search for the same qualities in potential partners when she grows up.

When daughters have a strong bond with their fathers, they have a greater ability to express their emotions, thoughts and feelings. This relationship will influence daughters throughout their lives. Hence fathers should aim to develop a close bond with their daughters, being dependable and supportive from a very early age.

Dads and sons

Whilst girls seek the characteristics of their fathers when modelling their relationships, boys aspire to be like their fathers. From an early age boys seek their father´s approval. Humans grow up mimicking the behaviour of the people in our lives. When fathers are honest, caring and respectful to others, their sons will behave the same.

Boys with absent fathers seek other male role models which can lead to disastrous consequences if they join street gangs.  The leader of the gang sets the rules of behaviour and young boys follow.

Father’s Day 2021

This Father’s Day there will be many children who won’t have fathers to thank for being there to support them. Whether this is due to divorce, separation or passing away the sense of loss is always prevalent.

So, sons and daughters, if you have a friend without a father wouldn’t it be great to invite them to celebrate Father’s Day with you and your Dad?

And remember to tell your Dad how much you love him for taking care of you.