False Allegations of Sexual Abuse result in Brighton Lie Detector Test

False allegations of sexual abuse ruin marriages, friendships, family relationships and careers.  Our client ordered a Brighton lie detector test when his marriage was put on the line.

Danny’s Case

Danny had been visiting family in London when the pandemic was announced. He lived in Australia and thought he’d have time to finish the visit before he flew home. But shortly after he arrived the flights had been cancelled and he had no way of getting back. It wasn’t that much of a big deal. He hadn’t seen his step-sister and niece for over 8 years, so extending the visit by a month or so wasn’t such a hardship. His work understood the dilemma he was in and said they’d hold his job for him until he was able to return.

Problem child

Sharon, his niece, had always been a handful but she was acting strangely around him and it wasn’t until Danny’s wife, Janet called him that he realised what a nightmare she truly was. Danny wasn’t much for going on social media but his wife checked Facebook daily and she was concerned with some of the posts she was seeing. Janet had rung one evening and said that Sharon was implying that she was in some sort of relationship with her uncle. She’d said they were moving to Australia to be together and he was going to leave Janet. They weren’t related by blood but Danny’s father had married his sister’s mother and he’d always been an uncle to Sharon, nothing more.

The Facebook posts caused an almighty row and left Danny in a very horrible situation. He’d protested his innocence but Janet just put the phone down. Danny didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t fly home to sort things out and was stuck in lockdown with his nightmare of a niece.

The confrontation

Danny’s step-sister, Myra was also acting odd around him. When he approached her after the phone call with his wife she said Sharon had accused him of going into her bedroom at night whilst everyone else was asleep. She realised he was stuck in the house but she was going to call the police.

Danny was beside himself. At 40 there was no way he’d ever consider a relationship with anyone, let alone his 15 year niece.  He couldn’t understand why anyone would believe he could do such a thing. He’d tried to get everyone in the same room to discuss matters but Sharon told her mother she was too frightened to face him. The situation became so bad that he contacted us for a Brighton lie detector test. Danny knew he had to prove his niece was lying before it was taken any further.

Brighton lie detector test

Myra agreed not to contact the police until Danny had taken his test.  She made sure she was at home when our polygraph examiner arrived as she wanted to be certain the appointment was legitimate. She sat down with our examiner and discussed the questions Danny would be asked. Having done this Myra went and sat out in the garden with Sharon until it was all over.

The examiner was able to provide the preliminary results of the test when it was finished. Sharon had been lying about the relationship and Danny had never touched her, let alone said he was going to run away with her.

Report and results

When the results of the Brighton lie detector test arrived by email, Danny sent them straight to his wife. He is now staying with his mother who is horrified but seemed unsurprised at Sharon’s behaviour. He won’t speak to Sharon or Myra again. His step-sister should have trusted him and warned him about Sharon’s character. According to his mother it isn’t the first time she’s tried to ruin someone’s life and she doesn’t think it will be the last.

Greater London/Home Counties Polygraph Service

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