False allegations against Teacher result in Newark Lie Detector Test

Jul 1, 2020

Our client was beside herself with worry when she heard through a colleague that rumours were circulating that she had slept with a young pupil.  She took a lie detector test in Newark to stem the false allegations.

Taryn’s Case

Taryn was overjoyed when she qualified to be a teacher and had spent the first 5 years of her career thoroughly enjoying her work at a private school. She was younger than most of the teachers there but she didn’t mind.  There was a lot she could learn from her older colleagues.

She had made no secret of the fact she was gay and as far as she was aware everyone seemed fine with it.

She taught English classes to girls who were between 12 and 16.  They were generally well behaved kids although the 15 to 16 year olds tended to break the uniform rules quite often.  No make-up was allowed and the skirts seemed to get shorter, the older they got. She’d had cause to reprimand one girl, Julia, several times and on one occasion had sent her to the headmistress for repeatedly being rude to her.

Covid – 19 Lockdown

When the pandemic hit, the school closed and Taryn, like so many of her colleagues, stayed at home.  For the first few weeks it gave her time to catch up on marking and various other administrative tasks.  But after this was finished, she was getting bored.  Now it seemed the school might not open until September.

One evening she received a call from Lawrence, one of her colleagues.  Just prior to the lockdown Julia had been overheard telling her mates that Taryn had sexually assaulted her.  Lawrence said that more than one member of staff had heard it.  He didn’t think the headmistress knew yet.

Newark Lie Detector Test

Taryn was horrified. Naturally she told Lawrence there wasn’t a word of truth in it and he believed her.  But false allegations of this type can wreck careers so she decided to contact our Newark lie detector test service.

Having discussed her problem with one of our East Midlands polygraph examiners she booked a home test.

Two hours later she had her verbal results, proving she hadn’t sexually assaulted Julia or anyone else for that matter.

When her fully analysed report was sent to her by email, she forwarded it to the headmistress and then called her.

Pending investigation

Naturally given the nature of the allegations a full investigation will take place but the chances are that Taryn will be exonerated.  When the headmistress received the Newark lie detector test results she called Julia’s parents.

They spoke to Julia who at first said she had been abused by Taryn.  However, when she was told that Taryn had taken a lie detector test and passed it, Julia confessed she made it up.  She wanted revenge because Taryn was “always picking on her”.

We look forward to hearing the outcome of the investigation and wish Taryn well.

East Midlands Polygraph Examiners

If you’ve had false allegations made against you and need to prove your innocence our East Midlands polygraph examiners are available throughout the region.  Please call our free helpline for more information on our wide range of lie detector tests related to all forms of dishonesty.

Alternatively you can book a test online using our secure reservation system.  We are offering discounted home tests at £395 currently to keep our clients as safe as possible.  We don’t want you to risk your health by visiting our offices while the coronavirus is still around.  Having tested negative for the virus, our polygraph examiners will be wearing high quality PPE with all equipment sterilised.

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