Almost everything in modern day society appears to have become politicised throughout the western world. It is little wonder that public trust in journalists and TV news broadcasters is at an all-time low. Conspiracy theories abound on social media and nothing is helped by the regular steady flow of propaganda that attracts our attention every day.  Here I take a look at the most recent fake news and media bias.

Mass shooting at Walmart, El Paso, Texas

Almost immediately after this tragic, heart-breaking mass shooting which resulted in 22 fatalities and over 24 injured, the media in Britain and the USA politicised it.  Virtually all channels alluded to “Trump’s racist rhetoric” being partially if not entirely responsible.  There were calls for more gun controls in the USA with hours of debate on the topic. It might perhaps have been more respectful to focus on the victims and their families, offering them consolation.

However, the hyperbole continued with radio shows inviting callers to phone in with their opinions regarding the “far right” perpetrator even before his identity was known. It was assumed that Trump’s remarks had inspired a “far right” racist, xenophobe to open fire.

Sebastian Gorka’s analysis

It didn’t take long for British born intelligence analyst, Sebastian Gorka, to uncover some highly relevant facts. Since the shooting which happened last Saturday, to date no mainstream media outlet has drawn attention to what he found out.  As a Chelmsford polygraph examiner and forensic psychologist I will, because I believe the truth to be very important in all matters. Unless we know the truth we cannot formulate an informed opinion on what is really happening within our societies. I am currently running an opinion poll on our Twitter feed which I invite our readers to participate in. It has 5 more days to run but currently of the 4 options I provided no one believes that the shooter is a “far right extremist”.  60 percent of those who have participated consider he is mentally ill.  This is despite a concentrated effort by the media to convince us otherwise.

Patrick Crusius uploaded a PDF file to an 8 Chan forum which has since been deleted.  However, Sebastion Gorka managed to analyse it before it disappeared. There is no doubt that the diatribe within it contained racist rhetoric. 21 year old Crusius believed that Hispanic immigrants were being brought in to replace the American population and that they took jobs away from Americans. However, he made his disgust of both Republicans and Democrats very clear.  The document points more to a left leaning person with an admiration for many socialist policies.  You can read Mr Gorka’s analysis by clicking here.

Fake news and media bias v the truth

Much of my work relates to trying to prove the innocence of the subjects who take polygraph tests. Crusius has been arrested and charged with capital murder.  He has cooperated fully with police but is not remorseful.  A polygraph test will not be needed in this case unless it is to prove why he did what he did.

Nevertheless, his ‘manifesto’ was deliberately misinterpreted by the media and a one sided narrative spun.

Anyone listening to our media channels on a regular basis could easily become what is now being referred to as “radicalised”.  It is the media that fuels division and discontent.  We hear that most of the western world is institutionally racist.  If we don’t agree with policies perceived to be politically correct then we are bigots, racists, xenophobes or worse. It is the media that broadcasts these ‘facts’ and in consequence drives the real radicals underground.

Resentment is bubbling under the surface of our societies but debate is stifled if people don’t have ‘acceptable’ views.  No one wants to talk about the genuine concerns of ordinary people.  Rather they are deemed ignorant and uneducated.

This doesn’t just apply to the politicising for mass murderers’ acts but also to topics such as Brexit.  Societies across the western world are deeply divided almost 50/50 across the board, encouraged by fake news and media bias.

The solution

My work as a Chelmsford polygraph examiner isn’t to provide solutions to problems such as these. However, as a highly qualified professional who deals with the truth daily, I know that we must stop driving unpleasant truths and radical opinions underground.  We need to listen to everyone’s concerns without resorting to insults and judgements of character.  This applies not only to mainstream but also social media.

When did we stop listening to each other?  How did it ever become acceptable to insult those with opposing views?  No matter how or why it happened it’s clear that we need to change since the current policies of criminalising speech or referring to opposing views as hate crimes is not working. We need a more honest and trustworthy media and people really should start being kind to each other.

Those with distasteful views or genuine concerns must be listened to and debated.  In this way we can attempt to change their perceptions or alleviate their anxieties.  Drive them underground and you see the explosive behaviour of people like Crusius, more so when there is mental illness.

We welcome the opinions of our readers.