It’s a sad fact of today’s modern society that almost anything can be bought in the way of false documentation. Currently the GMC is checking the credentials of around 3000 medical staff following the discovery of a fake ‘psychologist’ who worked for the NHS over a 22 year period.  Unfortunately the Polygraph Industry is not immune from charlatans. Over the past year we have been brought fake lie detector test reports by clients who have been duped.

Having conducted extensive research on the internet, our fraud team has discovered that there are a number of websites where we can obtain fake reports.  One of these, Fake Lie Detector, blatantly advertises its services.

Why fake lie detector test reports are a waste of money and dangerous

Two things on the Fake Lie Detector website set off alarm bells.  Firstly, no professional polygraph examiner would ask 10 questions of any subject. And secondly, the name of the examiner on a report is easily checked against the accredited APA register on the APA website or other accreditation organisation.  If the examiner is not accredited the report is of no value.

Not only are these reports a waste of money but if included for example in a CV, or used in any official way, it could easily constitute a criminal offence.  It is a criminal offence to lie on your CV contravening the Fraud Act 2006.  If caught, you can be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison.

The irony of lying about a lie detector test report seems to be lost on those who buy fakes.

Reputable organisations

Any company that provides lie detector test reports should be checked out before you use them. At a minimum they should be:

  • Registered at Companies House
  • On Linkedin
  • Registered with the ICO (for Data Protection)

Despite myths to the contrary, it is simple to distinguish a real report from a fake one.  Important questions to ask someone who presents you with an alleged lie detector test report are:

  1. Where did you take the test? They should be able to provide the address of the secure, controlled office of the examiner if they didn’t take it at home.
  2. What is the name of the polygraph examiner?
  3. How long did the polygraph examination take? Irrespective of the motive behind taking the test there is something wrong if they say it took less than one hour.
  4. How many questions did the examiner ask you? Anyone who has been subjected to a lie detector test will know the amount of psychometric questions they were asked.
  5. Did you have a pre-test interview or a telephone based assessment? Without a pre-test interview or telephone based assessment the results of any test are worthless and the test has not been conducted by a professional, accredited examiner.
  6. Was the examiner male or female?
  7. Were you given  a password or reference number at the end of the polygraph test for verification purposes should you need to query the report with customer support or the examiner? Be suspicious if you were not provided with one.
  8. Did you pay the examiner on the day you took the test? Professional, accredited polygraph examiners don’t accept cash payments as they may be suspected of taking bribes.

Making a problem worse

In almost every case where fake documentation is produced it will, sooner or later, backfire. More especially in matters of trust, fake lie detector test reports compound the issue causing further damage. Whether used for relationship problems or to back up a job application at the very least you’ll render the relationship irreparable and at worst go to prison.

Many people seek a quick fix for complex problems but in reality there isn’t one. Buying a fake lie detector test report just complicates the problem more.

The Polygraph Industry is largely unregulated and this means you need to ensure you are dealing with accredited professionals when ordering a test.  Bribing unscrupulous examiners to get the result you want won’t bear scrutiny when the report is checked by a reputable professional.

Authentic lie detector test reports

At Lie Detector Test UK all our polygraph examiners are fully qualified, highly trained and accredited professionals. After conducting polygraph examinations and analysing the results, their reports are verified by another equally qualified examiner. This is to ensure that you have the most accurate report in order to move forward.

Our equipment is the best, state of the art computerised technology that exists on the market today.  The days of analogue machines churning out reams of paper have long gone.

Fees for polygraph tests are taken through our secure payment system. Our examiners will never take cash from you or do anything else that might shed doubt on their integrity.

If you suspect you have been provided with a fake lie detector test report or would like more information about the authenticity of a test, contact us. We will be happy to help in any way we can.