Fake lie detector test

Fake Lie Detector Test Reports, Why?

We have recently encountered several clients whom have been provided with fake lie detector reports. Our internal team here conducted some web research and discovered that there are indeed companies and websites offering such reports in exchange for small fees. We just want to convey that under any condition the company which provides the report should be the following 3 things:

  1. Visible on Companies House
  2. ICO Registered
  3. LinkedIn Profile

Contrary to what people may tell you it is very easy to decipher the real reports from those which have been manufactured. The key things to ask the person whom has been tested are:

  1. Where was the test conducted? – Should be a controlled office or if residential you would know!
  2. What was the examiners name? – 
  3. Who long did the test take? – If it took less than 1 hour then there is something suspicious regardless of the reason and simplicity of the test
  4. How many questions were you asked? – They would be fully aware of the many psychometric questions they would have been asked.
  5. Did you have a pre-test interview or phone based assessment? In all cases a pre-test interviews or phone based assessments must be conducted.
  6. Was the examiner male or female? 
  7. Do you have a reference number or password which you can provide me to verify the test? This would have been given after the test and normally on the report
  8. Did they pay on the day? Any examiner accepting cash on the day for a test would also be suspicious

We think the saddest part of purchasing a fake report is that it will only snowball the issues, increase the lies and further damage the trust possibly beyond repair. It is important to be conscious to the impulse that tells you there is a short cut which could enable a quick resolution as more than often it cannot be true and will only escalate your problems.

All of our reports are fully verified by a second examiner to make sure that you have a clear report to assist with your decision making on. If you have any doubts or wish to discuss the background to an authentic and professional lie detector test then please feel free to contact us.