Exeter polygraph used for affair suspicions

Apr 20, 2022 | Exeter, Infidelity, Private Lie Detector Test, Relationship

Exeter polygraph used for affair suspicions

A Exeter polygraph is used for affair suspicions when our client Ian came to us worried that his fiancé had cheated on him. Here is Ian’s story and how Lie Detector Test UK got him the truth he rightfully deserved.

The beginning

Ian met his fiancé Sally when the pair went away on an 18-30’s cruise with their two best friends in 2018. Ian lived in Exeter and luckily Sally was working and living in Bristol. Sally moved to Exeter to live with Ian at the end of 2019 and Ian popped the question during the pandemic in 2021.

Suspicions start

Sally started a new job and was finally able to go into the office at the end of summer last year when her companies rules relaxed around covid and working from home. After two weeks in her new job, Ian became suspicious when Sally kept mentioning a Mark from her advertising team. It was obvious that Sally and Mark had hit it off, and Ian remembers he felt a little jealous. It seemed Sally and Mark had lots more in common, but Ian told himself to not be jealous and to trust Sally.

The texts

One evening Sally went out for a drink with her work friends, but she forgot her phone at home. Ian found it when she rang him worried of a work colleagues mobile, and told her not to worry it was safe at home. However, later that evening Ian kept hearing Sally’s phone going off. He looked at the screen and saw multiple notifications from Mark. Suspicious, he unlocked Sally’s phone and decided to read the conversations. The texts were flirty, and saying “Lost you at the bar, are you hiding from me? A game of kiss chase perhaps?”.


Furious, Ian took Sally’s phone to bed and decided to confront her the next morning. He heard Sally get in late and stumble to bed, but decided it was better to talk to her when she wasn’t tired. The next day he woke Sally up and showed her the conversation. She laughed and said Ian shouldn’t be jealous, he’s a flirty person but they are just friends and Mark is actually seeing someone from the office. However, Ian decided to ring his brother and talk to him about what to do. Ian’s brother recommend he looked at Lie Detector Test UK after we helped him resolve an issue with his wife. Ian booked a lie detector test online and told Sally he wanted her to take the test. She agreed, and said she had nothing to hide.

The results

The following week the couple turned up to our Exeter office and Sally took her test. The results showed that Sally had been telling the truth. Ian apologised to Sally and confessed that he was so jealous because his last girlfriend had cheated on him for months without him realising. Sally said she knew he had a tough history with his last partners and understood his concerns. She told Ian she wanted him to seek counselling to help with his insecurities. Ian agreed and is now looking for professional help to help overcome his personal issues with trusting people. The couple both thank Lie Detector Test UK for their professionalism and help in them getting the answers they needed to grow stronger as a couple.

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