Exeter polygraph test proves employee guilty of using drugs

Our Exeter polygraph test helped Tristan resolve a previous issue with an employee two years ago. Tristan wanted his secretary Gemma to take a lie detector test to prove if she had stolen equipment from his offices. Gemma was found guilty of stealing company property and dismissed by Tristan, who thanked our Exeter office for their help and professionalism in dealing with his case. Tristan said he knew he could return to us when he recently found drugs at one of his factory sights, and wanted to prove if his suspicions of an employee were correct.

The story

Two years after having an ex-employee take a lie detector test at our Exeter office, Tristan returned with a new case. He wanted our help in finding out if a current employee of his had a drugs habit.

Three weeks ago, Tristan decided to do a spot check on one of his factories. Tristan owns a couple of factories that help with drop shipping client’s merchandise from China to the UK Markets. Tristan takes it in turn to visit between his factory in Birmingham and his local factory in Exeter.

Suspicious behaviour

Tristan says that he received a phone call three weeks ago from an employee in his Exeter factory that claimed on of his line managers was acting oddly. They said the line manager (Tom) had become lazy, was taking long breaks and often didn’t seem coherent. Unaware if Tom was suffering from stress or any personal home issues, they decided to ring Tristan and report the problem, out of concern.

Calling by later that week, Tristan called Tom into his office to speak to him. He didn’t raise the issue with him or mention the phone call but instead decided to just talk with him and judge his reactions. Tristan could tell Tom seemed distant, and not focused.


Tristan decided he would check out the staff room, staff lockers and working area to see if he could see or find anything unusual. The staff agreed to the checks, and were used to the company carrying out regular drug testing as part of their work policy.

A small surprise

When opening Tom’s locker, Tristan immediately found a small plastic bag. The bag looked like it had contained some sort of white powder. When confronted about it, Tom insisted it was simply a dry powder he used to soothe a skin problem he had. Tristan wasn’t satisfied with his reply, and confronted him about his behaviour. Tom said he was tired and had issues with his wife at home. However, he denied taking or bringing drugs to work.

Lie detector test in Exeter

Tristan said he wanted Tom to take a lie detector test to prove if he was telling the truth. Tom agreed and turned up to our offices a week after. The lie detector showed that Tom was guilty of lying. Soon after finishing the test, Tom admitted he had indeed taken Cocaine to work. He was also guilty of using the drug daily. He confessed that the stress of long overtime hours had driven him to needing to use drugs.

It turned out that Tom had a past history of using cocaine. Tom agreed he would seek professional help by joining a rehabilitation programme. Tristan said he didn’t want to press charges or report his drug abuse to the police. He said even though his actions had jeopardised his company’s reputation he wanted to support Tom. He told Tom he would have a job waiting for him after he became clean again.

If you suspect an employee of lying why not book a test today using our online booking form. Alternatively, you can ring our free helpline on 07572 748364.