Case Study | Ex Lover count resolved by High Wycombe Lie Detector Test

Mar 11, 2021

Ex Lover count resolved by High Wycombe Lie Detector Test

Lockdown restrictions have caused us all to dwell on things that perhaps wouldn’t be so important in normal conditions.  Our client ordered a High Wycombe lie detector test when her husband became obsessed with how many lovers she’d had before they married.

Elliana’s Case

Elliana and Jared had busy lives before the pandemic.  Jared lost his job but Elliana retained hers working from home online.

After months of hardly going out, Jared became more irritated and spent a lot of time niggling about little things.  In particular, having so much time to think, he began obsessing about how many lovers Elliana had before they were married. They’d been happily married for over 9 years so Elliana couldn’t fathom what relevance it had.

In the early days of their relationship they had talked about it and she learned that Jared had slept with over 30 women. Having led a relatively sheltered life, Elliana had only slept with 3 and one of them was her husband.

Jared now didn’t believe her. The topic was being raised almost every day and causing arguments.

High Wycome lie detector test

In desperation Elliana called us to find out if we could help.  Subsequently she booked a home lie detector test choosing a time when Jared would not be at home.

Her tests results revealed no deception when she said she had only had two previous lovers before her husband. The fully analysed, peer reviewed report of her results was sent to her by email within 24 hours.

The next time Jared told her that he didn’t think she was being honest about her previous sexual encounters; she gave him the polygraph report.  She told him not to bring it up again or she would book a lie detector test for him.

Lockdown madness

Being locked down is not natural for human beings and it is especially difficult when we have nothing to keep our minds occupied.  We have had countless clients book tests, basically to stop the nagging over topics that ordinarily their partners wouldn’t think about.

There are so many things that you can do to relieve boredom at home. Read books, watch movies, learn to cook, take up an indoor hobby or an online course. None of these activities are likely to put strain on your relationship.

Wondering how many lovers your partner had before you got married is destructive. It’s even more destructive when you accuse them of lying to you. You chose to settle down with your partner, not the previous lovers you had, so that should be the end of the conversation.

 Insecurity and controlling behaviour

Sometimes Jared’s type of obsession with his wife’s previous sexual activity can demonstrate insecurity or controlling behaviour.  Elliana chose to use a lie detector test to put an end to any further conversations. She did so because it was the quickest method she could think of to nip it in the bud.

The longer approach is to try to understand the reason for obsessing about the past and then reassuring you partner.  But when you are together 24/7 and tensions are high, it might take much longer to resolve.

London/Home Counties Polygraph Service

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