Whether it is incompetence or lack of resources it’s clear a more robust approach must be taken toward people trafficking.  The horror of finding 39 people dead in a refrigerated container this week has shocked the nation.  We would like to make our Essex lie detector test service available to police to help them investigate this tragedy.

39 deaths

Subsequent to the discovery of the container on Wednesday, it has been established that the 39 deceased are of Chinese nationality. The journey the trailer took has been tracked from its departure in Belgium through to its destination in Purfleet. The lorry that collected it from Purfleet came from Dublin via Holyhead in Wales. The trailer was then taken to a Grays Industrial Park where it was discovered.

It seems reasonable to assume that nobody would willingly get into a refrigerated trailer without it being in some way related to people trafficking. There were 31 men and 8 women on board.

The driver is being questioned by police and is known to be Mo Robinson who is 25 years old. He is self-employed and comes from County Armagh.

Talk Radio truck driver call

In a call made to Talk Radio yesterday an HGV truck driver stated that hauliers are aware of people traffickers and find it easy to spot them.  Jim (whose name has been changed to protect his identity) went on to explain that truck drivers are skilled at identifying the types of cargoes lorries are illicitly transporting.  For example, those that illegally smuggle wine and beer.

He expressed surprise that such a tragedy hadn’t occurred before. These smugglers have a modus operandi, he explained.  Not all trucks are stopped by port authorities so those involved in human trafficking wait and watch the number of trucks that are scanned, detained or examined.  When customs officers are occupied on checks, they take their moment to slip through.

Asked why truckers don’t report their suspicions, Jim said that any do.  However, despite anonymously tipping customs off with significant details, nothing appears to be done.  The same trucks are seen regularly carrying on their business irrespective of reports. You can read the full details of Jim’s call by click here

It seems apparent that the authorities need to ‘up their game’ if they are to prevent similar tragedies occurring in the future.

Essex lie detector test

It is conceivable that Mo Robinson didn’t check the trailer before he transported it. It’s equally possible that he is part of a human trafficking operation.

Police in various parts of the UK have polygraph services available to them.  Since there will be many grief stricken relatives worried about their loved ones, the sooner the police get to the bottom of this matter, the better.  The quickest and most effective way to establish the truth is for all suspects to take polygraph examinations.

As polygraph examiners we are deeply concerned that a tragedy such as this was unable to be prevented.  We offer our Essex lie detector test service to assist with the investigation and invite those concerned in it to contact us.