Eastbourne Lie Detector Tests for Theft Query

This is a query we received regarding Eastbourne lie detector tests for theft, but it is a little unusual. Our Eastbourne Polygraph Examiner responded to it.

Q: If I order some lie detector tests for theft do I have to say what has been stolen?

Something of considerable value has gone missing from the lockup I rent.  Several people have access to it and I want each and every one of them tested.  I don’t suspect them all but it wouldn’t be fair to just single out individuals.

The problem is that I’m not keen on telling you what has been stolen. Is it possible to question them along the lines of “Have you stolen anything from the lockup?”

If it’s not possible to do that, how confidential is your service. For example, if it was a large sum of money would you have to report it to anyone like the police or tax office?

I desperately need to find out where the missing item is. Can you help?

M. Q., Eastbourne

Response from Eastbourne Polygraph Examiner

It’s not essential that you tell us what has been stolen but whether the results will help you locate the missing item is debatable.

For example, if you are not specific about what has been stolen, and a test shows deception, that individual may not have stolen the item you are missing.  They could have stolen something else like tools or a pen. Hence the more specific you are the better.

In terms of confidentiality, we have a duty of care.  This applies mainly to deceptive test results that relate to domestic, sexual or child abuse.

Regarding people’s personal possessions that have been stolen, we have no obligation to report. So our service is highly confidential.

To avoid inconclusive or confusing results I suggest you tell me what is missing and then questions can be formulated to get you the answers you need.

Lie detector tests for theft

Multiple lie detector tests for theft need to be conducted in our offices and on the same day. Before booking you may want to discuss your issue further so that we have a full understanding of what you require.

Please call our free helpline on 07572 748364 and advise our customer care representative that the Eastbourne polygraph examiner has asked you to call.

Alternatively if the matter is urgent, you can book the tests online and we can discuss the details before the test date.