Case Study | East Midlands Lie Detector Test identifies Gambling Addiction

Apr 16, 2021

East Midlands Lie Detector Test identifies Gambling Addiction

When our client became suspicious about a racehorse purchase, she booked an East Midlands lie detector test for her husband with alarming results.

Anna’s Case

When Gregory told Anna 3 years ago that he was investing in a race horse with some friends she was quite excited.  She enjoyed watching The Derby and Grand National and they were the only two races she bet on.  Grand National Day was quite an event in their household.  They bought cheese, grapes and wine and invited friends and family round to watch the race.

Unfortunately that wasn’t possible last year because of the Covid restrictions but this year was going to be different.  Their horse was running and she so hoped it would win. With stabling, training costs and their share of the purchase price they needed to recoup some of the costs. They were down £30,000 so far and it was beginning to worry her that they were in over their heads.

She’d seen photos and videos of the horse but being stabled in Scotland they hadn’t been able to visit. The first year she could never get enough time off work and then of course, the pandemic struck.

Grand National Day

Having organised some friends and relatives to come round on the day of the race she was alarmed when Gregory told her the horse wouldn’t be running. Apparently it had damaged a forelock whilst training and wouldn’t be able to race for at least 9 months.  Nevertheless, they still watched the race and enjoyed the food and wine.

One of their guests, Roy, was a co-owner of the horse.  At least that’s what Gregory had told her when they first agreed to invest in it.  Roy had bet on the winner of the race and was celebrating with a bottle of champagne.  Anna said it would have been so much better had their horse been able to run. “What horse?” Roy asked at which point Gregory whisked him into the kitchen.  Not long after that Roy left in a cab.

After all the guests went home, Anna questioned Gregory about what Roy had said.  He became very defensive and said Roy was drunk.  Over the next couple of days whenever she raised the subject of the horse Gregory became short tempered.

East Midlands lie detector test

Gregory previously had a gambling problem but this had been in the very early days of their marriage.  As far as Anna was aware, he hadn’t gambled any more than she had over the past 15 years.  However, his reaction to her questions about the horse made her suspicious.

He wouldn’t give her the phone number of the trainer or the stables.  Finally she asked him if they actually owned a share of the racehorse.  He told her not to be ridiculous and of course they did.

Confiding in her sister, she suggested that Anna book an East Midlands lie detector test for Gregory. She called us and told us what she wanted to know.  Our East Midlands polygraph examiner formulated the questions that would give her the answers she needed.

Anna met with some resistance when she told Gregory about the appointment but she inspired him to agree to take the test by threatening to withdraw her financial support.  She had inherited some money from her late mother’s estate and paid most of the bills.

Results and conclusion

The results of Gregory’s polygraph examination revealed that he had never invested in the racehorse. His friends had and the horse had run in a few races during the first year.  He’d bet thousands on it but lost it all.

He’d tried to recoup his losses by gambling in casinos but when the pandemic hit they closed.  He couldn’t gamble online at home because Anna would notice.

Anna was horrified by the amount of money he’d gambled not to mention the elaborate lies he’d told her.  Gregory is booked in for online gambling addiction counselling and no longer has his credit cards because Anna cut them up.

It remains to be seen whether their relationship will survive this level of deceit.

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