East Anglia Lie Detector Test Results surprise Wife

After last year’s Christmas party at work our client had spent almost a year being falsely accused of infidelity. This year he surprised his wife with the results from an East Anglia lie detector test.

Stuart’s Case

Stuart was always popular at work, the office joker some would say. He was attractive, there was no denying that and always got the attention at the works Christmas party. As everyone was chatting about it in the break room, Stuart announced he wouldn’t be attending this year. His wife Josephine had banned him from going due to the previous year’s shenanigans.

Life and soul of the party

Last year’s party had been brilliant and in one of the most elegant of hotels in Norwich city centre. The party had been so wild the hotel had banned the company from booking the shindig there again. People had been having sex in the toilets and running around the hotel half naked. When Josephine heard about this on the grapevine, she accused Stuart of sleeping with one of his co-workers.

Okay, so he had streaked through the lobby but he loved his wife and he’d never cheat on her. He’d always said if he was unhappy, he’d end things with her first before doing anything like that. It didn’t matter how hard he tried, she never believed he was innocent when pretty much all the other staff had played away from home.

East Anglia lie detector test

Stuart was chastised for not wanting to attend the party. It was a small firm and they said it wouldn’t be the same if he wasn’t there. As management he was expected to attend. His partner in ‘crime’ and business, Andy, came up with the idea to book an East Anglia lie detector test. Stuart had his Christmas bonus and could think of no better way to spend some of it than making his wife feel happy. And maybe she’d give him a pass to the do.

The get together wasn’t for weeks and he managed to reserve a polygraph test with us within a couple of days. He booked the time off as holiday so his wife wouldn’t know what he was up to. The polygraph results were returned a few short hours later and Stuart took his wife out to dinner.

Handing her the envelope, he explained it was an early Christmas present and she opened it.  Josephine was astonished that her husband would go to all the trouble to take a lie detector test and was relieved that a year of worrying was over. She’d put so much pressure on him not to go to this year’s party that she felt guilty to say the least.

Home is where the heart is

Josephine told Stuart he could go to the party but thinking about how bad Josephine had felt the previous year he decided not to. He told her he’d go but promised he’d be back early, which he was. Stuart never went to the party but left work early and picked up Josephine’s favourite take away. He grabbed a bottle of wine and some flowers from the florist.

Opening the door Josephine expected to see a very drunk Stuart but instead was presented with a husband who adored her, laden with gifts for a family night it. Stuart explained he’d take an East Anglia lie detector test whenever she wanted if it made her happy. But he couldn’t make her go through the trauma she had the previous year. He loved her and spending time with her at home was worth a thousand Christmas parties in the long run.

Infidelity lie detector tests

We love it when infidelity lie detector tests produce results that keep couples together, especially just before Christmas.

If you are worried that your partner may be cheating, a good way to alleviate or confirm that suspicion is to book a test online.  Then you can sit back and relax over the festive period in full possession of the facts.