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East Anglia Lie Detector Tests

Our East Anglia Polygraph Services cover all the main towns and cities in the region including Cambridge, Ipswich, Norwich and Peterborough. As well established, nationwide polygraph service providers, our examiners represent some of the best in our field.

Maintaining a the optimum levels of confidentiality and discretion, the results of any lie detector test you may order will remain between you and us.

The East Anglia lie detector tests we administer are mainly, though not limited to, the following

Domestic violence lie detector test

Despite several changes to domestic violence legislation in recent years, it is a crime that is still prevalent in the UK. In many cases it takes place behind closed doors and the true nature of the abuser is only seen by the victim. This means that victims may not be believed, particularly when the abuse is emotional rather than physical. The abuser presents a façade to friends and family, who often consider him or her to be pillars of the community or very kind and charming.

The victim, without a support network, sinks into depression and despair. Often victims have nowhere else to go, especially when children are involved. This, coupled with financial worries, may lead to the victim suffering appalling abuse over long periods of time.

Domestic violence lie detector tests help to build a support network. Friends and family feel guilty if they have not believed the victim and will rally round to help when the results of the test are revealed. With the support of those closest to them, victims regain self-confidence and find it much easier to make the necessary changes in their lives.

Infidelity lie detector test

It’s rare that cheaters confess to infidelity despite the destruction suspicion causes within their relationships. Partners who suspect infidelity can experience a whole range of emotions. They don’t want to accuse their partner without proof but often do. This leads to denial from the partner who is cheating and huge arguments. The cheater will accuse their partner of anything between paranoia and obsessive jealousy. Indeed, searching through someone’s pockets, phone or laptop can become an obsession for someone who believes they are being cheated on.

Arguments, checking someone’s movements constantly, accusations of infidelity and questioning phone use will eventually erode any relationship. As much as you want to put it to the back of your mind, it’s there from the moment you wake up to the time you go to sleep.

East Anglia lie detector tests for infidelity are available to prevent you spending months, if not years rowing. A polygraph test is the quickest route to finding out what is really going on.

East Anglia Polygraph Services (Lie Detector Tests)

In addition to the above, we have specialist examiners to deal with historical sexual abuse, drug, gambling or alcohol addiction and false allegations of any type. Wherever deception is suspected, you can rely on our highly trained polygraph examiners to uncover it. Fully qualified and accredited by the American Polygraph Association (APA), our examiners.

We appreciate that occasionally it’s difficult to find the funds for a lie detector test immediately. For this reason we provide our clients with flexible payment options. To learn more about costs or our wide range of commercial and private East Anglia polygraph services please contact us on any of the numbers below.


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