Easing of UK Lockdown Restrictions Update 14 May 2020

May 14, 2020

Easing of UK Lockdown Restrictions Update 14 May 2020

Following the release of the government’s detailed report on the UK easing of lockdown restrictions, we have decided to reopen some of our nationwide offices. This means that clients who have expressed a desire for a test to be conducted in a controlled secure environment will now be able to arrange it.

However, subjects will be required to complete our questionnaire to ensure their behaviour during the lockdown has matched the government’s rules and guidelines.  These include social distancing, staying in as much as possible and not indulging in behaviour that could lead to them contracting the virus.


The best way to get to our polygraph offices is by private car, bicycle or walking. Using public transport puts you and our examiners at greater risk.  If you have no choice but to use public transport please ensure you practice social distancing as much as possible throughout the journey. Both we, and our clients, are delighted to be able to start opening our offices.  What we don’t want is to create a scenario where the UK easing of lockdown restrictions results in the re-imposing of them.

Please note that you travel to our offices at your own risk.

Arrival at our offices

When you arrive at our office it is unlikely that you will have to wait long for your appointment.  However, during the waiting time please keep a 2 metre distance between yourself and anyone else in the waiting area.

You will be greeted by our polygraph examiner when it is time for your appointment.  The examiner will provide you with a mask and gloves to be worn throughout the test.

Polygraph equipment

All our polygraph equipment is sterilised before and after use.  Our examiners have all tested negative for Covid-19.  If you have been tested please bring your test results with you.

Booking a lie detector test

You can book a test online, using our secure booking system and choose a location nearest to where you live.  Usually this would not involve very much travelling but in the current circumstances it’s possible you will have to travel further.  This is because not all our offices will reopen until the UK easing of lockdown restrictions is complete.

If you can’t find an office that is open near you, it is still possible to book a home test.  Please call our free helpline for more information (0800 368 8277).

We take this opportunity of thanking all the clients, who have booked lie detector tests with us, for their patience in waiting for us to become operational again. It is greatly appreciated.

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