Durham polygraph test used for infidelity

Mar 21, 2022 | Infidelity, Private Lie Detector Test, Relationship

Durham polygraph test used for infidelity

A Durham polygraph test was recently used by our client Jamal when he suspected his fiancé Jo guilty of cheating. Here is Jamal’s story and how Lie Detector Test UK got him the truth he deserved.

The beginning

Jamal and Jo met on a night out in Durham whilst they were both at university. Jamal says it was love at first sight and the pair became engaged after three years of dating. During lockdown Jo lost her job, so decided to set up her own dog walking business. She had always had a passion for animals and was excited to start a new adventure.

Suspicion starts

Jo was working long hours once the lockdown restrictions eased, meaning Jamal saw less and less of her. Jamal knew she was working hard to build up her career and business so didn’t mind. However, one day Jamal answered her phone whilst she was in the shower getting ready for work. When Jamal answered, it was a guy who sounded surprised that a man was speaking to him. The guy said he was a client of Jo’s and just wondered if she would be picking his dog up later that day. Jamal checked the calendar and confirmed, finding out the guy was called Robin.


Feeling suspicious, Jamal decided to check through Jo’s phone and to his surprise found a whole WhatsApp conversation between her and Robin. Although he couldn’t find any evidence that anything was going on between them, he didn’t like what he read. The texts were flirt and talked about meeting up for walking together. He confronted Jo when she got out of the shower and explained that he had taken the call. Although Jo was annoyed but she understood Jamal was trying to help her by taking her calls from clients. She told Jamal there was nothing to worry about and that Robin was actually dating a guy.

Time for a polygraph test

A few days passed, and Jamal couldn’t help but worry whenever Jo was late home. He checked her phone privately and saw more messages from Robin. He decided to ring his best friend and talk about what was happening. Jamal’s friend recommended Lie Detector Test UK after he booked a polygraph suspecting his girlfriend of cheating on him. Later that day Jamal rang and booked a polygraph test for Jo.

The test

Jo agreed to take the test to prove she wasn’t lying. Two days later the couple turned up to our Durham office and Jo took her test. The test results showed Jo was telling the truth. She admitted that Robin had been pursuing her but she had told him to stop. Jamal was grateful he knew the truth and Jo said she didn’t want Robin as a client anymore. The couple are grateful to Lie Detector Test UK for resolving their trust issues and look forward to a happy future together.

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