Durham polygraph proves affair

A Durham polygraph proves affair when our client Fran came to us suspecting her husband Garry guilty of cheating. Here is Fran’s story and how Lie Detector Test UK got her the answers she deserved.

The beginning

Fran and Garry met when they both joined a community arts club. Garry was a surveyor and wanted a class that offered escape from his busy and stressful day job. Fran had always adored painting and wanted to join a class that would encourage her passions and help her make new friends after moving to Durham. The couple met and sparks flew, with Garry asking Fran to marry him just eight months later.

Suspicions start

When Fran moved to Durham she had become good friends with her neighbour, Debby. The pair spent a lot of time together and it wasn’t long before Debby got to know Garry well too. However, Debby started to become awkward and distant when Fran announced her and Garry’s engagement. Eventually the pair lost contact and both went on with their lives. However, one evening when Garry forgot his phone whilst he was at the pub with friends, Fran noticed numerous WhatsApp messages appearing on his screen from a “Deb”.


Curiosity getting the best of her, Fran decided to unlock Garry’s phone and check the conversation. She didn’t like what she saw. The conversation spoke about “Meeting up” and “Missing each other’s company”. Clicking on the profile photo, Fran’s worst nightmares were confirmed, the picture was of Debby, her old neighbour and best friend. She confronted Garry when he got home, but Garry simply said they had been talking because Debby reached out asking how Fran was. He said Debby missed her and their relationship was purely friends.

The test

Still not able to shrug the feeling that Garry was lying, Fran rang her sister the next day for advice. Her sister, Sally, told Fran about Lie Detector Test UK and recommend she booked a test with us on behalf of Garry. Fran researched us further and booked a lie detector test online for our Durham office, two days later. She told Garry when he got home from work that she wanted him to take the test, and he agreed.

The results

Garry turned up to our Durham office with Fran and took his lie detector test. The results showed he was lying. He broke down in tears and confessed to Fran that he and Debby had previously had an affair. He said Debby had been back in touch, but he had called it off ages ago and realised it had been a mistake. Fran was furious and said she needed time alone to think on her options. She thanked Lie Detector Test UK for their professionalism and for finding out the truth, albeit a hard one to learn.

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