A mother worried about what influence her daughter’s employers might have on her, contacted us to conduct a Durham lie detector test and was pleased with the result.

Barry and Amanda were proud of their daughter Lynn. She hadn’t done too well at school but had fallen on her feet as an apprentice massage therapist. The local salon was quite new and she’d been offered a small but decent wage. She’d been working there for a few months and at 18 seemed to be really enjoying it.

Embarrassed father

Barry was so impressed with Lynn’s stories of how the salon helped people with back pain, depression and other ailments; he decided to give it a go. Being careful not to visit on a day his daughter was working he called and booked an appointment. The place itself seemed very professional, clean and clinical. Barry felt immediately relaxed and explained to his therapist he was a truck driver. He’d always travelled long-distance and sitting in the same position for long periods of time had really taken a toll on his back.

Barry was very careful not to tell anyone that he was Lynn’s father and he was called in for his appointment. The massage seemed very sensual but having not had one before he thought it was normal. After an hour of rubbing and kneading the therapist reached down. She asked Barry if he wanted an “extra”. Immediately realising what was going on, he made his excuses and left.

Durham lie detector test

Barry returned home feeling very ashamed of himself. He told his wife everything that had happened. Amanda wasn’t worried, she trusted her husband implicitly. The issue was her daughter.  Lynn denied knowing anything about it but Amanda couldn’t shake the feeling her daughter was being groomed into prostitution. She contacted us to order our Durham lie detector test. Amanda needed to know if Lynn knew anything about what was going on in this supposed salon.

Lynn agreed to come to us for a test the following week. She knew she wasn’t ‘up to no good’ and after the polygraph results were returned they proved she didn’t know anything of the debauchery in the salon. After sitting the Durham lie detector test Lynn soon realised that she was putting herself in danger and handed in her notice.

Amanda called the police and the massage business was closed down. The issue was not what was going on but Amanda knew she had to do something in case they took on a new apprentice. No mother should have to order a polygraph test to ensure their child’s safety. Amanda was determined that no other parent would be placed in that situation again. Lynn has since enrolled in a college course to become a massage therapist – a real one.

Are you concerned about a loved one?

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