Dudley Lie Detector Test enquiry from Distraught Wife

Sometimes being honest about previous relationships can cause problems as this enquiry about a Dudley lie detector test reveals.

Q: Can your Dudley lie detector test service help me convince my husband that I haven’t cheated?

My husband is driving me mad. He constantly accuses me of infidelity. When our first child was born he insisted on having a DNA test done because we are both mixed race and our son was white.  The DNA test proved that our son was his.  Despite this he still accuses me of cheating and it causes terrible arguments.  I become frustrated and I’m worried that our son, who is now 3, will be affected by our rows.

In many respects this is my fault.  I had a pretty awful childhood.  My father was emotionally abusive to me.  I left home at 15 and spent a number of years probably looking for a father figure, seeking the approval of older men.  I slept around quite a bit and cheated a lot and made the mistake of being totally honest with my husband before I married him.  Because I loved him so much, and still do, I felt I should tell him about my previous relationships.  He now uses that information against me. Whether it’s the milkman, my boss, the next door neighbour or a man I have passed in the street he accuses me of sleeping with them all.

I live in the West Midlands and taking a lie detector test in Dudley would be more convenient to me.  Do you think it would help to resolve my problems?  I have never cheated on my husband since the day we met.

R. L., Dudley

Response from West Midlands Polygraph Examiner

To answer your question directly, our Dudley lie detector test service can help you prove to your husband that you are not guilty of infidelity.

Although honesty is usually the best policy, sometimes it can backfire.  However, you did tell your husband the truth before he married you.  In this respect he accepted you and your past.  It appears he is either insecure or, considering the DNA test proved your son was his, he may be gaslighting you.  Are you sure he isn’t cheating?

Maybe it would be a good idea to take a couple’s test.  It’s worth considering since after the DNA test you might imagine he would trust you.

Nevertheless, we will be happy to administer a polygraph examination to you or as a couple.

Booking a test

You can book a Dudley lie detector test online using our simple to navigate secure reservation system.  Alternatively, if you’d like to confidentially discuss the matter further, please call 07572 748364. The call is free and let our customer service team know that the West Midland polygraph examiner has suggested you contact us.