Drug Addiction Query addressed by Dudley Polygraph Examiner    

Drug Addiction Query addressed by Dudley Polygraph Examiner                

This query regarding the use of lie detector tests for drug addiction was handled by our Dudley Polygraph Examiner.

Q: Can I find out if my son is using or dealing drugs with a lie detector test?

My son has always been a liar.  I have no idea where I went wrong with him because my other children are all models of perfection in comparison. If my son was wearing brown shoes, he would insist they were black. That really is how bad it is!

My current problem with him is that I believe he is either back on drugs or dealing them.  He went into rehab 2 years ago and he is only living with me on the premise that he won´t take drugs anymore.

Recently he has been staying out until the early hours of the morning and sometimes all night. He is unemployed currently having lost his job during the pandemic. He doesn´t get much money from benefits yet he always seems to be loaded with cash.

When he went out the other night, I went into his bedroom and found a wardrobe full of new clothes and trainers.  He also has a new Xbox. I can´t say that I found any evidence of drugs, but he is up to something and I want to know what it is.

From what I understand his drug addiction developed from dealing in drugs.  He belonged to a local gang when he was quite young and used to deliver drugs for criminals. I put an end to those activities by moving to a new area.

Can I find out what he is doing by putting him through a lie detector test?

R. S., Dudley

Response from Dudley Polygraph Examiner

The short answer to your query is that a lie detector test can get you the answers you need with carefully formulated questions.

Presumably, you know that drug addicts often relapse many times before finally kicking the habit. They will always be recovering addicts.

You should be aware that your son must agree to take a lie detector test.  Neither you nor we can force him to submit to the polygraph.

If you would like some help regarding how to persuade him to take the test, or any other information relating to lie detector tests please call our free helpline. on 07572 748364. Please mention that the Dudley Polygraph Examiner has given you some advice on the blog.

Alternatively, you can book a lie detector test online in Dudley, or elsewhere in the UK, via our website. Our reservation system is secure.

Help with drug addiction

As I´m sure you are aware, there is plenty of help available for recovering drug addicts some of which are listed below:

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