DNA Paternity Test: A Polygraph Test or DNA Paternity Test? Case Study

Oct 18, 2022 | Case Study, Relationship

DNA paternity test results can take anything between 4/5 days and 3 weeks in the UK.  Steve chose a polygraph test for infidelity rather than wait that long.

Steve had been working away in Canada for some time when he heard the news that his ex, Stacey, was pregnant. She’d called him shortly after finding out that he had a new girlfriend. The relationship had ended due to her controlling nature and when Steve was offered a job building log cabins in various different countries he’d jumped at it.

The separation

They already had a son, Chris, who was now 8 and he was getting on fine. Therefore when the daily row ensued, Steve took the opportunity to announce his new job and leave. Although their relationship was strained they had still been intimate right up to the end. They’d discussed having more children but Steve didn’t want to, well at least not with Stacey. She’d remained on birth control since Chris had been born, or so he thought. This news was a shock, to say the least, and Steve wondered how it could be possible.

Father’s name missing from birth certificate

Steve returned home, unfortunately missing the birth of his daughter Imogen. When he arrived, he found that Stacey had already registered the birth, without him there and very quickly. It was only a week or so since he found out she was born, what was the rush? Steve contemplated his next move, His son had his surname but Imogen had her mother’s. Stacey had also left his name off the birth certificate. Was the child his? With Imogen only a few weeks old, Steve didn’t want her to go through a DNA test at such an early age. He decided on a lie detector test for infidelity to allay his suspicions about her parentage. The DNA could come later. He’d accused Stacey of sleeping with someone else which she had vehemently denied.  But why else would she leave his name off the birth certificate?

Lie detector test for infidelity

Stacey was furious at the prospect of being asked such personal questions by a complete stranger but she thought she could beat it. She read several “you can beat a lie detector test” pages on the internet and prepared for the test the following day. The polygraph test for infidelity seemed easy to her. She answered confidently and calmly. After watching so many on the TV she thought she had it in the bag. Little did she know!

The results were revealed and Steve found out the truth. The child wasn’t his and furthermore, she did know who the father was and it wasn’t him. Steve had been paying for this child since she was born as the law stated he had to prove he wasn’t the father and the mother had nothing to prove. She could just say a name of who she felt the father was and the government would make them pay, until the poor soul finally got the courage to do something about it.

A polygraph test for infidelity is a way of finding out if someone is being truthful and the results are available within 24 -48 hours. There are too many parents out there paying for children that they think are theirs and they’re not. How is that fair in any way?

Getting a confession before a DNA paternity test

Maybe this isn’t seen as definitive proof right now in the courts but looking at Steve and Stacey’s story don’t you think it should be? A lie detector test quite often elicits a confession negating the necessity for a DNA test.

If you are in doubt about the parentage of a child or think your partner has been unfaithful, a polygraph test for infidelity could be your way of moving forward. Contact us today for a confidential chat, or book online.

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