A recent article in the Sunday Times regarding DNA infidelity tests caught our eye last week.  As highly qualified forensic psychologists and APA accredited polygraph examiners here is our take on it.

DNA infidelity tests

Many years ago, people used to rely on private investigators to establish infidelity in their partners.  They sometimes still do. Others choose lie detector tests for infidelity which represent the majority of tests we administer throughout the UK.

However, now DNA infidelity tests are being offered online for those who want to find out if their partners are cheating on them.

Collecting the evidence

 In order to have a DNA test done you need to gather the evidence which is a pretty revolting task. The samples can comprise used condoms, underwear and bedding. Chewing gum and hair strands can also be tested.

When the evidence is sent off to a laboratory, depending on what it is, you’ll get some information back.  It may be that semen has been detected on your bedsheets. DNA testing can analyse whether it has come from a male of female or indeed from you.

Also available for purchase online is a ‘sperm detection kit’ which apparently transforms semen into a purple colour when a solution is applied to it. The kit is being marketed as a method to ‘catch a cheating spouse’.

The danger of using DNA infidelity tests

 Many services offering DNA infidelity tests advise those ordering them to collect evidence clandestinely or secretly. The problem is that this is illegal. It violates the Human Tissue Act 2004, whereby DNA testing of a person’s “body material” is a criminal offence unless you have their permission.

You may well be able to get your partner’s consent but if you don’t know who they are cheating with you can’t get their permission can you?

Lie detector test for infidelity

 As UK polygraph examiners we are not able to administer a lie detector test without a subject voluntarily submitting to the examination. We don’t need messy samples to establish deceit or otherwise.  And more importantly you won’t go to prison for ordering a test.

With up to 98% accuracy the results of a lie detector test will reveal the answers you need in order to move on with your life.

DNA infidelity testing may reveal the presence of a stranger’s semen on your sheets but it won’t identify that person.  A lie detector test may do if a cheating partner is willing to divulge that information.  And with polygraph testing nobody is going to end up in jail.

For more information about our range of polygraph services please call our free helpline. We have a more hygienic way of discovering the truth.