Divorce without Consent Issue resolved by Newark Lie Detector Test

Our client was worried that her husband might be planning a divorce without consent. She booked a Newark lie detector test to find out.

Lynette’s Case

Having been married for more than 35 years Lynette was worried about her marriage.  Her husband, Paul, had become complacent about their relationship several years ago.  She was a stay at home wife by choice.  Motherhood suited her well and she’d produced 3 sons and a daughter.  Her life had been spent taking care of her home, children and husband.

An excellent cook, she made sure meals were on the table when her husband got home from work. Now the children had flown the nest, there was only the two of them to cook for.  The house and grounds were immaculate and she had, up until lockdown, been involved in organising charitable events.

Naturally since the children had left home there was less work for her to do. But that didn’t bother her. She quite liked a rest in the afternoons and having the time to watch the odd soap.

Odd discovery

One day whilst cleaning Paul’s study, she noticed some booklets about moving to Australia. Paul had never mentioned any desire to move there or anywhere else for that matter.

Over time suspicion grew. She didn’t want to tell him that she’d seen the booklets because he might accuse her of snooping. But she dropped several hints about Australia and he never bit.

Around the same time she noticed that their sex life, which had diminished over the years, was now almost non-existent.  Paul paid very little attention to her and she began to wonder whether he was having a late mid-life crisis.

She began to snoop a little more.

Divorce without consent

Lynette wasn’t great with computers but one afternoon she decided to take a look at Paul’s laptop. She called her best friend for some advice as to how she might find the browsing history.  Having located it, she wished she hadn’t.

There were lots of searches about emigrating to Australia and others related to divorce without consent. She learned that in the UK it is possible to get a divorce without consent after 5 years.

After that her mind went into overdrive.  Was her husband going to move to Australia and leaver her, then after 5 years divorce her?


No longer able to maintain her silence, she confronted Paul when he got home with all that she had found.  He was angry that she had used his laptop but only because she might have ruined it with her lack of experience, he said.

Paul emphatically denied that he was going to leave her.  He said he’d looked up the information for a friend.  The fact that he wouldn’t tell her the name of the friend made her even more suspicious that he was lying to her. Did he have another woman, she wondered?

Newark lie detector test

Still very angry and upset, Lynette told Paul that her lack of experience on the internet had led her to our website.  She’d put in a search on Google for lie detector tests and there we were.

Distraught, Lynette called us for some advice. She booked a Newark lie detector test for Paul on Friday afternoon when he got home early. There was no problem with him taking it at home because they had so many quiet rooms in. She wanted to know if he was planning to divorce her. When Paul agreed to take the test with no argument, she was quite surprised.

His test results showed no deception when he said he wasn’t planning to divorce his wife. He was telling her the truth when he said the information was for a friend. The reason he didn’t object to taking the lie detector test was that he could see how paranoid his wife had become.  Nothing less would have satisfied her.


Lynette and Paul have decided to attempt to rekindle some of the romance they once shared. The polygraph examination was the first step in recognising the damage complacency can do. We wish them well.

Please note: All case studies on our blog have the permission of our clients to publish. However, locations and names have been changed to protect their privacy.