For those with deeply held religious beliefs the loss of virginity before marriage can be a huge issue. Our Newbury Polygraph Examiner was asked recently to help disprove false allegations related to it.

Faith’s Case

Faith always wanted to wait until she was married to have sex. Both her parents were very religious and she wanted them to be proud of her. She attended church every Sunday and prayed before bed at night. All in all, she considered herself to be a good girl and her father was very proud of her.

Peer Pressure

Staying a virgin hadn’t come without its complications. All of Faith’s friends had lost theirs before they were 17 but at 20 Faith was still holding out for the right person. She’d been on lots of dates and had plenty of opportunities but the time was never right and the boys all seemed to be after one thing. Her friends inferred she was a prude or a man-hater, telling her to just get it out of the way and be done with it.

Faith decided to concentrate on getting a good education and a career before making any commitments. She wanted to be a vet and was at university studying. She also had a part-time job at a local veterinary practice just to get some experience.

The One

There was one person Faith liked one but he was off-limits. Her friend Gail liked him but he wasn’t interested in her. Iain liked Faith and went to the same church as her on a Sunday. Their parents had been friends for many years and they’d always tried to push them together. Iain was a little shy and as far as Faith knew still saving himself for “the one”. On Sundays they would chat after church about what their plans were for life and how they wanted to achieve them. Gail was jealous of their friendship and accused Faith of flirting with Iain. However, it wasn’t until her parents called her in for a discussion that she knew Gail had been accusing her of more than that.

The rumour mill

Faith’s parents told her how disappointed they were to find out she’d lost her virginity. When she protested, they wouldn’t discuss the matter further. She found out from Iain that Gail had said she’d slept with her boyfriend, and as the two were such good friends Faith’s parents had no reason to mistrust Gail in the slightest.

Faith started to get disgusted looks from people in the town and the relationship between her and her parents was fragile, to say the least. They’d brought her up with morals and how could she behave so cheaply?

Lie detector test to disprove false allegations

Faith called us for advice on how to disprove false allegations. Having discussed her situation with our Newbury Polygraph Examiner she booked a lie detector test. She could handle people talking about her and she could deal with her best friend’s betrayal, but her parents were a different story. Working with Faith our examiner formulated the exact questions that needed to be asked. The lie detector test allowed her to disprove false allegations made about her morality.

Faith arranged for the polygraph report to be sent directly to her parents. When she returned home, Faith’s mother was in tears. Both parents were ashamed that their daughter had been pushed to sit a polygraph examination to disprove false allegations they’d made against her. They apologised for not believing her and the family’s relationship is back on track.

Faith no longer talks to Gail but is happy that the lie detector test results also brought her and Iain together finally.

South East Polygraph Services

False allegations, depending on what they are, not only disrupt lives but can destroy them. Those accused of things they didn’t do experience a whole range of emotions including anger, frustration, embarrassment and misery.  One of the quickest ways to dispel such accusations is to sit a polygraph examination.

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