Derby polygraph used on boyfriend

Nov 27, 2021

Jade, 28, recently asked her boyfriend Liam, 31, to take a lie detector test at our Derby office. Jade accused Liam of cheating on her, not only did Jade think Liam had been unfaithful, she was also convinced Liam had been active on dating apps too.

Why are you on dating apps?

Only three weeks ago, Jades single best friend Mellissa text Jade a screenshot taken from dating app Tinder of Liam. She text Jade saying she was unsure if someone was using Liam’s’ photos as a catfish (someone who uses real pictures and pretends to be that person online) or if Liam was cheating on her behind her back. Jade immediately showed Liam and asked him what was going on. Liam told Jade how a friend at football had asked if he could use Liam’s pictures to create a fake profile. The friend wanted to try reconnecting with his ex on the apps. Liam said he felt uncomfortable but sorry for his friend so agreed he could pretend to be him.

Something doesn’t seem right

Not convinced that Liam was telling the truth, Jade thought she would play Liam at his own games. Jade created a fake profile using a girl’s profile pictures and set up a profile under the name of Rachel. Sure enough, two days later Jade’s “Rachel” profile matched with the supposed fake profile of Liam. Jade says it only took a few minutes of conversation to know that this was the real Liam, her actual boyfriend. She told our Derby office how the profiles humour, flirting and even slang was all the same as Liam’s. Hurt and upset, Jade decided to see how far things would go on the conversation as Rachel.

What is the point?

Posing as Rachel, Jade decided to try more flirting texts with Liam, and asked him to send naughty photos. Jade knew Liam had a birth mark in a private area, and thought he wouldn’t be stupid enough to send explicit content to the fake profile. Sure enough, the pictures came flooding in and Jade was shocked and disgusted. She could see the birthmark, knowing it was Liam sending the pictures.

Final confrontation

That evening, Jade confronted Liam with the evidence when he got home from work. Liam admitted he was on the app and that things had become stale between the couple. Therefore, he said the app helped spice things up in his sex life with Jade as he liked the idea of showing off to other women, but being faithful to Jade. Jade said the only way she could forgive Liam is if he took a lie detector test to prove he hadn’t actually slept with someone else from the apps. Liam agreed.

The outcome

Liam sat a lie detector test at our Derby office. After his pre-examination consultation with our examiner, Liam sat and answered questions formulated by the examiner and Jade. The questions ranged from admitting he was on the dating apps, to asking if he had met with any of the women from the app, and if he had sex with the women. Liam failed the lie detector test. He failed upon account of meeting with women, and with having sex. The failed test resulted in Liam confessing to Jade that he had met with multiple women. He also confessed he had sex with three of them.

Moving Forwards

Jade immediately broke off the relationship and thanked our Derby office. She said the test gave her the truth and closure she needed. In conclusion Liam says he regrets what happened and how his actions hurt Jade, he vows to work on himself and his commitment issues.

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