Derby polygraph test proves cheating

A Derby polygraph test recently proved a girlfriend guilty of cheating. Harry came to use when he suspected his girlfriend Sam was cheating on him. Here is Harry’s story and how Lie Detector Test UK helped him to get to the bottom of what was going on.

The beginning

Harry and Sam met in their local pub when both of them worked part time during the pandemic. Harry had just finished university and was struggling to find his first job. Sam had been working at the pub since finishing college, as she hoped to travel. The pair hit it off immediately and Harry recalls how they spent a lot of time together during the restricted lockdowns.

Suspicion starts

One afternoon Harry decided to surprise Sam with a picnic walk. He turned up at Sam’s house, only to find another car in the driveway. He thought a friend might have decided to visit her so they would be in the garden. Sure enough when he went round to the back gate, he could hear Sam happily chatting away, but with another guy. He opened the gate only to find Tom, their bar manager was sat distanced from Sam.


Once Tom had left, harry questioned Sam as to what he was doing at hers. She said Tom had an issue with one of the pay checks and was worried Sam had been underpaid. Sam decided to offer Tom a drink to be a good host, she said nothing was going on. Still unsure but not willing to argue, Harry decided to drop the subject. However, a few days later when Harry was food shopping with Sam, he noticed her phone kept going off in her handbag with the screen lighting up as “Tom” calling. He asked Sam again what was going on, but she became angry and said Harry just needed to trust her nothing was going on between them.

Time for a polygraph test

When Harry got home that evening, he decided to research his options online for advice on what to do. He came across the Lie Detector Test UK blog and decided to call our free helpline to discuss polygraph testing. Deciding that a polygraph test was the best way to go, he asked Sam the next day if she would take one. Sam agreed and said she was happy to prove nothing was going on with Tom. Harry booked Sam’s test at our Derby offices for the following week.

The results

Sam’s turned up at took her test at our Derby office. The results showed she was lying. Asking to speak to Harry, she confessed that she had cheated don him, but not with Tom. Tom had caught her at the end of a shift kissing one of the customers. She said that’s why Tom had been trying to talk to her, to get her to tell Harry the truth. He also warned her it was unprofessional behaviour and she had been put on probation. Shocked and hurt Harry decided he needed a break from Sam. Sam understood why and said she wanted to work things out with him, so she would wait until he was ready to talk. Harry thanks Lie Detector Test UK for their professionalism and help in him finding out the truth he deserved.

If you suspect your partner guilty of cheating or lying then book a lie detector test online today. You can also call our free helpline on 07572 748364 for further advice and booking information.