Declutter your life with a Hump Day Lie Detector Test

Hump Day (Wednesday) is ruled by the planet Mercury, which is renowned for its expression and communication qualities. This means that Wednesday is the best day for decluttering your mind, body and soul. It’s the best day to choose when and how you want your life, career and relationships to move forward. A Hump Day lie detector test can help you to decide.

Half way through the working week, Wednesday is an ideal opportunity to schedule those tricky meetings and get networking. Why not use your “Hump Day” to catch up on correspondence and make those important calls you’ve been putting off for so long.

Positive energy, communication and creativity

The higher mind is ruled by Mercury, so getting to the bottom of issues is best on this day. Try brainstorming on a Wednesday and you will find ideas will pour out of you. Put this day aside to be creative and bounce some ideas around with your colleagues. Change your life and challenge life’s difficult decisions head on.

Wednesday’s energy gives us the opportunity to see if we are concentrating on our innermost desires and how much energy we are communicating with the Universe. The best way to use your “Hump Day” energy is to take the time to show and consider whether that energy being sent, is coordinating with what you are looking for and how you want to achieve it.

This middle of the week day is great for expressing your love to your nearest and dearest. It’s equally conducive to confront those around you, that you feel have been unfaithful or deceitful.

Helping hand

Wednesday is a day for change, be that in life, career or relationships. That’s why here at Lie Detector Test UK we’re offering you a helping hand toward a happier future. If you contact us and book a test on a Wednesday, we’ll give you a £125 discount on tests booked at one of our many controlled locations. Normally, the cost of a lie detector test conducted at an office is £495.00 inc vat but if we receive your booking on a Wednesday, we’ll offer this to you for just £395.00 inclusive of VAT. (This discount applies to bookings we receive on a Wednesday only and no other day). Use your energy wisely and book a potentially life changing Hump Day lie detector test today.