Darlington lie detector test proves infidelity

A Darlington lie detector test recently helped prove a case of infidelity. Our client Liam suspected his wife Grace guilty of having an affair. However, the lie detector revealed more than Liam had suspected.

How it started

Liam has been happily married to Grace for over four years. The couple met at university and have been inseparable ever since. Grace was a social butterfly at university, and was a member of multiple groups. Her best friend, Sarah was chairman of the Amateur Dramatics society that Grace joined and the two girls became immediate best friends.

The proposal

Sarah and Liam became close the minute Liam and Grace started dating. Between them they formed a strong friendship group along with Liam’s best friend Arthur. Arthur and Sarah even dated for a while, but sadly decided they were better as friends. The group of four finished university together and kept in close contact, meeting for weekly dinners to regularly catch up.

One week at dinner, Grace was running late from a staff meeting. Liam decided it was a great opportunity to discuss with Sarah and Arthur the fact that he was going to propose that coming weekend. The couple were due to go to Dublin for a long romantic weekend for their anniversary and Liam couldn’t wait to show the friends the ring. Arthur was thrilled and congratulated Liam, asking for more details on how he planned to ask Grace. However, Sarah wasn’t quite as enthusiastic. Sarah questioned Liam if he was really ready and thought Grace was ready too. It became awkward and Liam decided to change the subject, right before Grace finally joined the table of friends.


Grace was beyond excited when Liam asked for her hand in marriage in Dublin. She rushed to show the group of friends the following week at dinner and the group celebrated by ordering champagne. The couple started planning the wedding for the following year and the wedding day soon came around.

Sarah was chief bridesmaid for Grace, and Liam recalls how Sarah seemed distant the whole day. Even Grace noticed it and spoke to Liam about it the next day. Liam said she was probably just jealous and feeling lonely, and to ignore it unless Sarah mentioned anything.

Confession time

Years of being happily married passed by until one day when Liam noticed Grace’s phone kept flashing. Grace had just been away for a long weekend of “girls time” with Sarah in the Darlington. Sneakily reading her notifications, Liam saw the messages were all from Sarah. However, the last message raised suspicion as he read “Had a great weekend with you, when is it time to tell L?”. Liam knew L was what the group fondly referred to him as. Wondering what was going on, Liam confessed to Grace that he had seen the message.

I want a lie detector

Immediately angry that Liam had been “snooping” on her, Grace said the text meant nothing and to ignore Sarah. But Liam couldn’t help feel that something wasn’t right. Him and Grace were arguing more, there sex life had become non-existent and Grace was spending more time with Sarah.

He decided to confide in Arthur, who suggested he could ask Grace to take a lie detector test if he didn’t trust her anymore. Liam decided to research a lie detector test more and realised it was his best option to find out what was going on with Grace.

The results

Grace agreed to take a lie detector test at our Darlington office. She failed her test and asked our examiner if she could have some time alone with Liam. She then made a shocking confession. Grace told Liam how she hadn’t realised until a year ago that she was in love with Sarah, and that Sarah had felt the same. The pair had been quietly seeing each other ever since and she was going to tell Liam she wanted a divorce.

Grace hadn’t found the right way to tell Liam and didn’t want to tell him about Sarah at all. Liam was completely shocked and hurt, he left our offices and has since rang to thank us for our help. He said that even though the truth hurt, he was glad he knew now what had been going on and that he could start to heal and move on. He has filed for divorce from Grace after her confession of infidelity.

If you are concerned a loved one is hiding the truth from you, or you suspect them of infidelity, book your lie detector test with us today. You can book online or alternatively you can call our free helpline to discuss your options further.