We have received countless enquiries about our Darlington Lie Detector Test but this is the first that involves a coronavirus.

Q: Can you find out if my husband is locked down with a Spanish senorita or coronavirus?

My husband travels abroad a lot for his job and recently he’s been staying away longer and longer. I’ve always trusted him and he always used to call me every night to say goodnight to the kids. That was up until all of this coronavirus business.

He’s been at work in Spain and the government has advised they will be locking down the country from Monday 16 March. He still has time to get back but he says there are no flights anywhere near him. But he’s telling me this means he won’t be able to return home for two weeks. That doesn’t seem right to me.

I’ve looked online and can see there are flights available, so I confronted him about it. I asked him outright if he had a woman over there but he said no. He claims the town he’s in is locked down and no one can go in or out. It’s in the middle of the mountains and all the information I can find is in Spanish. I’ve tried to translate it but it just doesn’t make sense. Whatever I say to him he comes up with an excuse and tells me I don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m confident that even if I did find out he’d tell me I was wrong.

It isn’t only this problem that’s worrying me. We haven’t been intimate for some time so maybe this is making me a little paranoid. I want to know once and for all if he’s being faithful. Do you think I can get him to do a Darlington lie detector test when he eventually returns?

L. S., Darlington

Response from Darlington Lie Detector Test Service

Cheaters will use any excuse to achieve their goals but we have to admit, this is a first for us.  As far as we are aware travellers wishing to return to the UK from Spain this week should be able to do so.  However, it will depend on the airlines so it might be worth checking with them.  Although flights might appear available on their websites, it may be they haven’t been updated.

In terms of the town he says he is locked down in, you might want to check with the British Consulate.  They should be aware of any lockdowns or be able to find out for you.

Normally we would be able to offer you the opportunity to have your husband tested at the airport on his return but given the coronavirus situation, this is not currently possible.

If you can convince your husband to take a test we will happily administer it for you.  You can book online and choose the Darlington lie detector test.  Alternatively, if you would like to discuss the issue further, please call 07572 748364 (free helpline). We may be able to suggest ways in which you can persuade your husband to take the test.  Good luck and we hope he returns home soon.

North East Polygraph Services

Lie Detector Test UK is a nationwide polygraph service provider.  Our North East polygraph examiners can be found in most major towns throughout the region.  Due to the current coronavirus we are happy to conduct lie detector tests at your home, if you prefer not to come to our offices. However, your home would need to meet the environmental conditions required.  Please contact us for more information.